Skildanir the Dracolich


A great dragon ensnared in undeath by The Immortal Lich Kelathar, swept up from his body’s resting place upon Bloodtrail Isles, far to Tharador’s south. One of the old ones from the age of creation – his reanimated and putrid corpse now serves as little more than a puppet to the lich that raised him.

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The full story

Skildanir the Dracolich

Skildanir was one of the first of the draconic species – an ancient dragon used against the forces of Tharador in the Age of Creation. On the severing of between Tharador and his sister continent of Mindoriel, Skildanir and many of his kin perished – dying upon the bloodtrail of isles left by Mindoriel or drowning in the depths below.

With a deep knowledge of the world’s history spanning to the age of creation, Kelathar sought out the dragons of Bloodtrail Isle, making the journey from Duskweave to the far drifted islands with the goal of resurrecting such a beast. With the ancient soul of Skildanir ensnared and trapped within his rotting corpse once more, he was forced at every beck and call of Kelathar, and wrought fire upon the armies of men and elves in the Battle of Duskweave.

His soul freed after Kelathar’s first defeat, seven years later it is entrapped once again to the bidding of his old master, and in unholy flame he bathed Kelathar’s enemies on his return.

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