Kelathar – The Immortal Lich


Darkest and most known of liches within Tharador. Single handedly he brought Baldur’s Liturium production to its knees by enshrouding the one isle that the rare metal was found in a thick and cursed fog. Growing his army overtime with Baldur’s failed attempts at reclamation, he was himself slain by the great Paladin Yinsylim and his companions in The Battle of Duskweave seven years prior. With the help of his servant Morian Fairhair, he is now revived and enshrouds Duskweave once more in his miasmatic fog of undeath.

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The full story

Kelathar – The Immortal Lich

Elias Kelathar as he was once known, only a boy forced to Duskweave’s Penal Colony with his mother after their father’s execution for treason. After only five months his mother died: worked to death in the sulfur mines near Damorton. This hurt Elias deeply, for in only six months both his parents were lost to him. He was taken in by the lighthouse keeper of Craghook, though had anger swelling in his heart always, taking it out on the innocent: any animals unfortunate enough to cross his path were likely to perish, slowly and painfully.

Though this torture of animals was not enough. In secret he caused the death of his adoptive father, toppling the lighthouse keeper down the flight of stairs that lead to its top. The death ruled an accident, Elias was given control of the lighthouse at the age of sixteen. He would find pleasure in misguiding ships and watching them crash upon the rocks near the isle, until one day a book washed ashore – a Necronomicon. The book whispered to him its secrets, and instantly he was in its clutches, studying it for days, failing to eat or drink as the dark arts of necromancy were revealed to him, and he himself unlocking his own innate powers.

The longer he held the book the more obsessed he became. Without announcement he packed all his possessions and left the lighthouse one year after finding the book. The book revealed its secret of immortality, harnessing a phylactery housed with a tortured soul of utmost purity within. Through means unspeakable he arranged this, rising to lichdom and with his new profound power, plunged the island into an eternal darkness. Armies of the dead were raised from local grave sites to do his bidding. Kelathar slaughtered the colonies on the island and slew any armies and heroes that were sent to try reclaim it.

The isle and its name and place in time became lost, and in stasis it sat for over one hundred and fifty years. Untouched by time and unknown by many. The isle became a breeding ground for creatures of unholy origins instead. Though by chance, one hundred and fifty years after its disappearance a group of unlikely adventurers washed ashore in a shipwreck. Amongst them was Yinsylim, a paladin of Erdydion who united the armies of Belfrie, Formen, Nan Thalias and Leacianus against the lich and personally slew him in combat.

Elias turned to ash, the state he belonged after so many years, though he knew his revival was eminent – for though his primary phylactery was destroyed, deep within the ancient Orcish ruins beneath Moonlit Lake sat his reserve. His cursed soul need only be taken from its frozen place of death and moved there, an act that would be achieved by Morian Fairhair seven years later.

Now Kelathar has returned, and with him the might of Duskweave’s unholy forces as they march against the weakened armies of men and elves that have spent the last two years fighting over ownership of the isle they united for.

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