Druid of The Stars – Aurelion


A half-elven hermit that spent over a century alone within the forests of Nan Thalias. Only the forest spirits and creatures of the woods kept him company. Each animal friend that has passed from him he has kept a trinket of as a reminder – be it bone or a tuft of fur. The stars guide his path and life, and have now lead him to Duskweave in its time of need.

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The full story

Druid of The Stars – Aurelion

Born to a human mother, and an elven father he never knew, Aurelion’s earliest memories are under the canopies of the great Estel Trees of Nan Thalias. His mother; a druid of the stars herself raised Aurelion single handedly, naming him after her favourite constellation: Aurelus The Spriggan. When Aurelion was only thirty his mother passed to the next life, so honouring her he continued to watch and look over the cove of Nan Thalian forest that he had spent his life in, guided by the stars to where his attendance was required and drawing upon them for his power.

Over a century he spent in the forest, having very little contact with other peoples apart from travellers, foragers and hunters – most of which he would approach with caution or anger. His experience with other people’s was almost always negative, so he grew to dislike them greatly. Instead he found friends in the animals of the forest, and the spirits that wondered the woods as well such as Gwynevel the Gracious. Though the lives of animals were short and fastly lived compared to his own, so Aurelion would see to keep trinkets of each of his friends as they passed, be they tufts of hair or bones during their burial.

Recently in his nightly commune with the stars, they guided him far beyond the forest – speaking to him of an island across the sea that was sick and in need of his healing. Thus Aurelion with much dismay boarded a vessel to Duskweave, a human colony wrought with iron, stone and treated timber. There he aimed to heal the sickness that gripped the nature of the land, as on landing he could already see the pain in the trees and smell a foul stench upon the air.

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