Sun Cleric – Suraci


One of the Great Sun Glanion’s most devout – Suraci’s family lines traces back to the first human migrants from Goltia. His ancestors joined the temple of Glanion as one of the first human devotees to the sun. His father Suladead is the head of the human sect of Glanion, and as a result Suraci himself is more pious than any others – so devoted that he may conjure the raw flames of Glanion and his son Glancalnos upon his body and wield it as a weapon against his enemies.

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The full story

Sun Cleric – Suraci

From birth Suraci was blessed in the light of the radiant sun, his mother giving birth to him in the Suntower that still struck through the desert sands above their city – a rite for the births of all Glanion’s devotees. From that birth Suraci’s life was one wrought with the blessings of the sun. So as a child his lessons focused on the tenants of Glanionism. Little did he socialise with children beyond his own fold of Glanion’s most devoted humans. Noble and common children alike were taboo for him to fraternise with, so in an echo chamber of religion he was raised under the guidance of his father: Suladead whom was the High Cleric of Glanion’s human followers in Hinatal.

Suraci’s mother passed to illness when he was only ten summers old, thus he found his worship more verdant after that than ever, feeling as though his worship in this time was his one way to honor his mother’s soul in the afterlife. Taking a more active role in the church, he begun overseeing blessings and initiation rites for the newly devout. So too each day at midday he trekked to the Suntower’s peak, the glass dome of the room nigh boiling in the desert’s midst. Though he would offer flowers in the room’s centre which he would consecrate and burn with the radiant flame of Glanion that he had learned to conjure.

Time after time it seemed as though his mastery of the flame grew with each day he left offerings for Glanion, eventually able to have his body bathed in the radiant flame, although it harmed him greatly to do so. Now Suraci sits to inherit his father’s title on passing, though now he is commander of paladins and clerics alike in their defensive crusade against the outlanders that threaten their city and way of life after resurfacing in the desert. Stoic but hot-headed, Suraci maintains a cool demeanour until engaged in combat against heretics, in which he will unleash the full wrath of Glanion upon his enemies.

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