The Great Sultan Hakim


The Sultan of The United Sultanate of Sudd Tohst. He rules on a throne of gold and rubies from Dahabi Palace in Torish Istrath. Inherited from the conquest of his great great grandfather one-hundred and twenty years prior, Hakim enjoys all the wealth and power with none of the hardship his forefathers endured. He rules with an iron fist and a mind of wine.

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The full story

The Great Sultan Hakim

Raised as the only son amongst four older sisters, Hakim was the prized possession of his father Rasah. Treated as a king even when he was only just able to walk, this foundation of his youth of worship lead to the mindset he would hold for the rest of his life: that Minera revolves around him. Slaves would do his every bidding for fear of their losing a limb or their life. The female slaves were thrown at him as he reached manhood and the only people that stood up to him disappeared quickly after.

Only two people were allowed to discipline Hakim: his father, and his bodyguard. His father would often beat Hakim in times the prince’s arrogance would defy Rasah’s own arrogance. Though as he grew older Hakim became more forgiving of this, especially in his father’s poor health towards his life’s end. His bodyguard and childhood guardian was more of a father figure than Rasah himself was though: Cedorean of Canos – a mercenary hedgeknight from the far land of Draksborne to the west. Cedorean taught Hakim not only his martial abilities, but also discipline and moderation. He tempered what would have been a stormfire of a Sultan into a semi-competent leader, though his vices still shone through later in life. This gave Hakim a great sense of command in his troops, courts and Sultanate at large – learning moreso than Rasah did before.

Now he leads his troops against the city of the once lost city of Hinatal. Only two years from its re-emergence it has crippled the economy of Torish Istrath and many other Sudd Tohsti cities, so with his nobles he unites against it, aiming to remove it from any merchant’s list of trade destinations forevermore and send it back to the sand dunes from whence it rose.

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