Valadhar Elite – Keydrin


An elite fighter of the Valadhar order – the highest ranking members of Hinatali military society. This ancient order of Eldritch Knights exists to protect the ancient merchant rulers of Hinatal and uphold Sun Elven way of life – meaning most have little allegiance to their human neighbours. All armed with an innate ability for spellcasting, Keydrin outshines the rest. Though relatively young, having been born in the subterranean city centuries after The Calamity, his deft magic abilities outshine all others in his order, leaving him to rival even most sorcerers or wizards while still being nearly as deadly with his double-bladed scimitar. Because of his lifelong praise, Keydrin has grown arrogant, and many heed him warning that it will prove to be his downfall.

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The full story

Valadhar Elite – Keydrin

Keydrin was born only a century before the re-emergence of Hinatal. Barely an adult in the eyes of other elves, he already possesses more martial and magical adeptness than any others in his order, being a true prodigy in the eyes of even the highest nobles. Ash of Goltia too recognised his prowess and had the orphaned guard-in-training transferred to the Order of the Valadhar, where he climbed the ranks quicker than any before him ever did. In only twenty years he reached the rank of master – a position that takes most two centuries. Keydrin’s magical potential quickly awoken as well, and he began quickly wielding The Breath of Minera like an adept who had been practising a lifetime.

Anger and jealously swirled in older members of The Valadhar, who had been overtaken by him in rank in only decades after their centuries of tireless work. Unaware of Keydrin’s own relentless training regime, they endeavoured to have him expelled or taken from the order. After failed attempts at planting contraband on his persons and in his belongings, these members eventually cornered the young prodigy to try eliminate him through combat. Single-handedly Keydrin slew four of what he thought were his comrades. On finding out rather than being chastised, Keydrin was promoted further to High Master, angering many of the friends of the fallen. With this a great arrogance grew in Keydrin’s heart, further driving hatred into the hearts of the older members of the order – though they knew they may befall the same fate as their friends if they were to try similar.

Now Keydrin leads the Valadhar’s forces in the fight against the armies of Sultan Hakim; single handedly destroying the great siege weapons that were brought to Hinatal’s doors with the conjuring of supreme magics. Even the greatest sorcerers in Hinatal are in awe at Keydrin’s command of The Breath.

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