Sultan’s Sorcerer – Inaya


A tiefling sorcerer fled from a darker life. Travelling through Sudd Tohst made her resilient and hardened to the perils and misfortunes of others. She is the fixation of her own world, and impressed Sultan Hakim on storming his palace singlehandedly and dispatching his personal guards. Though not the most powerful sorcerer, her magical abilities make her a golden rarity in the desert kingdom.

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The full story

Sultan’s Sorcerer – Inaya

Sudd Tohst acts as a haven for many who are wanted elsewhere in the more civilised parts of Tharador. The barren and lawless land provides respite for those with large prices on their head, or the unfavoured in the eyes of the gods and laws. Inaya is one such person. Already in Baldur she struggled with her infernal appearance as a Tiefling, though with her innate spellcasting ability things went further south. The small industrial city of Veinril which she hailed from held no schools or institutions of controlled magic, and without a place or coin to learn she only could teach herself, using it to get by as a street urchin with minor illusions and tricks.

As she grew the tricks became more dastardly, until the day she accidentally took the life of a shopkeeper trying to hold her down until the guards would arrive to reclaim the goods she had stolen. Setting the man ablaze, his screams could be heard for hundreds of yards and all eyes around set to the teenage girl still stunned on the ground. In a flash she disappeared, running as far as her legs could take her until she arrived over the border of Sudd Tohst after four days of running and sleeping in rummages beneath trees and burrows of beasts she dared not wish to meet on their return.

Eventually finding a road, she travelled upon it for days, steering well clear or making herself invisible if any walked against her. Avoiding towns and villages, she had no choice but to kill a sole traveler after four days to take his food and water, for she was close to death herself. After many days she finally arrived at the coast, in the great city of Sudd Tohst. Her eyes were in awe at the lavish towers that struck above the city walls from Dahabi Palace. There she would make her home, she thought. So into the palace she strolled, blinking past the guards at the gate. Inside she came face to face with Sultan Hakim, who demanded she be removed and made an example of.

Inaya instead made an example of The Sultan’s guards, deftly blocking their blows with shields of magic before incapacitating the four that charged her. Impressed, the Sultan offered Inaya residence in his palace as his own personal sorcerer to protect him from those like her, then beheaded his guards for their failure and set about organising new bodyguards.

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