Rhino Rider – Yazir


One of the members of the Torish Istrath heavy cavalry squadrons. Rhino Riders often close in on their enemies with a peppering of arrows from afar, before finally skewering them with large lances and the horns of their rhinos on charge. Yazir is one such soldier, bought into service by the waterfalls of gold in the vaults beneath Dahabi Palace.

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The full story

Rhino Rider – Yazir

Life as a slave in Sudd Tohst has many challenges, one most of all being the state of your master. For even slaves have status among themselves, and the slaves of nobles consider themselves of higher status than the slaves of merchants or other wealthy commoners. Yazir was one such slave of a merchant, acting as the driver of his master’s mules or the mule himself when they would die from exhaustion under the heat of the Suddi sun.

It was on one such trip from Torish Istrath to Alnahr that his master’s caravan was attacked by a group of gnolls. With most of the guards killed by a small volley of initial arrows, the slaves turned on the rest of the slavers that held them, taking the weapons of the guards and undoing their master’s. Though they stood little chance against the savage gnolls who slew many of them. Yazir came close to death himself after slaying many gnolls, though was saved by the timely arrival of Sultan Hakim’s own convoy enroute from Alnahr and returning to Istrath. Impressed at the combat prowess of the slave, the Sultan congratulated him, though noticed the wounds in the slavers were not caused by the ragged weaponry of gnolls.

He offered Yazir a choice: a honourable execution, or to serve in his personal army as an enslaved soldier. Taking the latter choice, Yazir was later close to content knowing nothing of a life outside slavery. Quickly he climbed the positions against other slave soldiers, eventually finding himself in a cavalry regimen and becoming somewhat inspired by the leadership of his new master. With a loyalty to the main that gave him a new slave collar and sense of life, Yazir was ready to die for Hakim’s causes.

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