Outrider – Dreytin


A half-caste and a lowborn, Dreytin was fated for little more than being an Outrider – one of the most perilous jobs of Hinatal’s military. Scavenging for food and sacked or abandoned caravans on the surface was the job of the outriders, but now their knowledge of the land above proved invaluable in the coming battles, making their once lowly rank now equal to most mid-level officers. Dreytin has let this status change affect his own personality quite dramatically.

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The full story

Outrider – Dreytin

Being a half-caste in Hinatal’s society is a deathmark to one’s social status. Having a human subsistence farmer for a mother and elven guard of little note as a father meant ones social status would be at the absolute lowest of Hinatal’s hierarchy. So there Dreytin sat for many of his days. His mother unable to raise her by herself and his father denying his existence, Dreytin spent much of his childhood learning on the streets and exploring the depths of the caverns of Hinatal. From when he could wield a sword he applied to join the Hinatali guards, rejected time after time on each application for his status.

It was not until Dreytin’s twelfth attempt that he passed, for he challenged the recruiter to a duel with the winning condition being enlistment into the guard, and his losing condition be that he would never apply again. Though the fight was more difficult than he could imagine, Dreytin was able to take the upper hand with a well timed leg swipe and win the duel. Though he was enlisted his position was one of the lowest and highest mortality rate positions.

Outriders were to scavenge the surface for days at a time in search of riches, food or anything else from fooly adventurers trying to enter the city of Hinatal or merchants lost in the desert. It was a job that left his skin scorched and his mind always wandering when he would become the meal of a basilisk or frilzard. When Hinatal’s curse of pestilence was finally removed, the jobs of the outriders became invaluable for their knowledge of the surface and surroundings. Dreytin was promoted to officer as Outrider became an officer’s position and he and his comrades acted as guides for the rest of Hinatal’s military and merchant’s through the harsh arid terrain that surrounded them. In his new position his ego has grown in response of the newfound power he commands, acting as though he is now infallible and one of the most important individuals in Hinatal.

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