Divine Archer – Sairena


The captain of Hinatal’s guard and a devout worshipper of the Great Sun Glanion. Sairena’s arrows are guided with righteous fury and radiance against her enemies, her aim and arrows striking true with Glanion’s will behind her. Serious and deadly, there are none in Hinatal who hold anything but respect for her, though many too hold fear.

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The full story

Divine Archer – Sairena

Born in the depths of Hinatal’s Caverns, Sairena saw no sun until she was grown into maturity, as is the custom with most highborn elves in Hinatal. On her first trip to the surface, her eyes and were left with cascading tears for the sight of the sun was so glorious to her. In the days of the caverns, Sairena would often hear lectures and sermons about Glanion’s power though never could she venture to the perilous surface as a child.

Thus to stand at its precipice drove an endless joy into her heart, that would turn into a fire of devotion in adulthood. Thus she dedicated the rest of her days of martial training to learning the invoked power of Glanion and how to infuse it in her strikes and arrows.To replace her father as captain of the guard she would need this, for the position was one tied to her house since the city’s founding and now she was the sole heir, with her mother dying in childbirth.

Thus Sairena was raised with the same lessons as her male counterparts in noble society, rather than the training of courts, trade and intrigue that most her female brethren might undergo. As a result Sairena is often called crass or rude by those who have first met her, for her traditional “ladylike” personalities are slim. Instead she has the mind of a sharpened mind of a leader and fighter. Unwavering in threats, never backing down from challenges. In recent years with the turbulence of Hinatal, she gives endless thanks that her upbringing taught her independence, though also at times her mind darkens with thoughts that the lack of responsibility may have been a preferable trade-off for her independence as she oversaw the guard in the civil unrest that took the city. Now the thought presses itself again as she mans the remaining guards against an external threat that they had never planned to face.

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