Kadna Glydrin – High Priestess of the Moon (Bust)


Kadna was born to a wealthy and powerful family in the underground city of Hirika. She was raised to be strong and independent, as all Drow noblewomen are raised, and she quickly rose to power within the city’s ruling council. Many nobles of Hirika have long wished for a return to the surface, against the rule of the Crown in Iriksha and Kadna is one of them, using her power of the moon to bless many and restore safety to many places on the surface. Kadna however is quick to judge and sentence those who might bring harm to her people and their way of life, and often employs her powers to silence dissenters that oppose her and the nobles dreams of a surface world. Kadna’s power and influence have only grown in recent years, and she is now one of the most respected and feared leaders in Hirika, hoping to one day spread that power across all the lands above in Lo Fuin.

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The full story

Kadna Glydrin – High Priestess of the Moon (Bust)

The city of Hirika has differing morals to the far deep underground Drow capital of Iriksha. For Hirika can at all times see the surface, looming beyond in the crevices of the cave. In days the sun peaks through and gives life to the rows of crops at the city entrance and at night the luminescent flowers bloom in full colour under the light of the great moon Glanbeli.

It is here that Kadna was born, daughter of a councilor and a general. She however did not wish to follow too sharply in the shadow of her parents, Kadna was instead taken by the beauty of Glanbeli and the priestesses that worshiped the moon. She joined the Priestesses of Glanbeli when she was of age, and rose through the ranks to High Priestess, still earning her a place on the council beside her mother. Though Kadna wished to use her influence to push past the status quo, her sights were set on the great wilds beyond the confines of the Underground, into the wilderness of Lo Fuin. There she wished to reclaim the old ancient ruins of the Drow from the times they lived still above ground and Lo Fuin was note as vicious and hostile as it was.

So she began pilgrimages in secret to many of these sites, hoping to cure the afflictions and curses over them with the love of the Moon Glanbeli. Though it seems that what she wished for did not entirely come to fruition, and though small outposts could be used by Drow Scouts and Soldiers in keeping invaders in check and launching assaults on their fortress in the lands in the northwest, they could never grow in size. So Kadna now has looked for more drastic means to cure the land.

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