Bartrok – Cannon Claw


A carnivorous crustacean that can kill a man in a single supersonic shot from its “cannon claw.” The shot has been seen to completely eviscerate smaller animals and can still dismember the limbs of a full grown man. They are known as dangerous hunters and the hard chitin exoskeleton makes them hard to take down even if grouped up against.

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The full story

Bartrok – Cannon Claw

In the bogs and lakes of Lo Fuin lives a dangerous solitary hunter, the Bartrok or Cannon Claw as known by foreigners. The Cannon Claw receives its name for the enormous right claw it possess that is capable of unleashing an immensely powerful energy at supersonic speeds, capable of turning a rabbit into mush or dismembering a full grown man.

The Bartrok is a selective hunter, and will usually only try feed on prey that can either not fight back or are completely alone. Since its claw has a reach of some twenty to thirty feet, most often the prey has no chance to fight back. When the claw of the monster crashes down it does so with such tremendous speed that it propels a sonic wave to its target.

The Bartrok is found mostly in the bogs of Lo Fuin and also on the shores of lakes, though during their mating seasons they will delve beneath these bodies of waters to the labyrinth of caverns that run beneath Lo Fuin, nesting in a cavern that houses a running waterway. It is here that they are most aggressive if accidentally stumbled upon, and it is the rare time that a poor adventurer will have to fight two of the beasts at once.

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