Prednith the Precious – Spider Charmer


A renowned musician, as far as renown goes in the Underground. Prednith is called upon by nobles, Queens and Kings to perform. Though unknown to many is the dubious nature her performances can hold on spiders, for Prednith is one such Drow that is a cultist of Irinax, and has devoted much of her life to learning the taming of spiders with her instrument. At will she can call hordes of the creatures to her, setting them against her enemies.

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The full story

Prednith the Precious – Spider Charmer

Prednith was born in Iriksha to a mother that died in childbirth. In such circumstances in Drow society the father is seen as her killer and is punished, the babe, if it survives, is raised in a special institute known as the Branthala, or in common the Societarium. Similar to an orphanage, the Societarium takes more responsibility in the raising of the children itself however. It molds the children into productive members of society while also allowing them to enjoy the innocence of being children, a difficult matter to handle for orphans but in Drow society children are not adopted. Raising a child that is not related to one by flesh and blood is seen as a thing of weakness and stupidity and it almost never occurs.

So Prednith was raised in an institute by strict teachers who cultivated their students with learning of art, literature, martial skills, homely skills and more. Though Prednith found the most joy in performing the plays found in literature classes with her friends, improvising the poems into songs and eventually accompanying instruments to them from the few instruments the Societarium held.

So when Prednith was able to finally leave the Societarium and stand on her own two feet, she rejected the organized occupation she had been given as a Silk Weaver, instead opting to take her performances to the people where she earned a living playing in taverns, inns, courts and temples. It was one such performance for nobles that were cultists of Irinax that saw Prednith drawn into the dark organization.

When she played her instruments in the shadows where the spiders crept, they would dance for her, entranced by the melodies. So too would they attack her enemies, consume their corpses or poison them to die. It is in such times that Prednith has been used as an assassin, controlling a single spider through her performance to painlessly bite a victim on their stomach or thigh, where the venom would take hours to begin shutting down the organs of its victim.

Few know of Prednith’s true nature, but she is well known as a talented musician among almost all Drow.

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