Yunas Ecklinse – Agent of Illusion (Bust)


An outsider with a penchant for fitting in, Yunas excels in becoming whoever he needs to be to complete the mission. Able to manipulate the connection that Minera’s Breath has with the untapped ley lines of the moon, Glanbeli, he can change his shape, size, face, and voice to match his surroundings.

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The full story

Yunas Ecklinse – Agent of Illusion (Bust)

Yunas was born in the swamps of Lo Fuin during the celestial alignment of Glanbeli and Glanion, an occurrence that happens rarely throughout history. His parents were outsiders – often changing their place of residence and who ultimately left the city of Hirika to seek a hermit’s life. This was short lived however, as they found themselves captured and living in squalor in Zander’s Peril merely weeks after leaving the safety of the underground. His family suffered extreme xenophobia from the community around him growing up, and wanted nothing more than to disappear into the swamps of Lo Fuin and find respite elsewhere.

His opportunity would come when he reached adolescence, as he discovered that he was able to innately manipulate Minera’s Breath, despite coming from a family line of non-magic users. Yunas was suddenly able to conjure and guide the searing light of Glenbeli, and alter the perceptions of the people around him to alter his appearance, or create various other illusions, to his benefit. Over the course of a few months, Yunas was able to safely walk out the many captured Drow through the front gate of Zander’s Peril using various forms of perception-deceiving magic, with hopes of finding their own paths outside the Baldurian settlement. When safely outside the city’s limits, his parents decided to go separate ways from Yunas and travel Tharador, profusely thanking their son for their second opportunity at life. Meanwhile, Yunas would travel with the now free drow who wished to return to Hirika.

Upon his return to his home, he felt claustrophobic in the caverns underneath Lo Fuin. He heard whispers around about the High Priestess, Kadna Glydrin, taking willing people and securing a home above ground. Eager to join them and help his people like he did prior, he met the High Priestess and pleaded to join her side. Enthralling her with the tale of saving their people from Zander’s Peril, Kadna was eager to bring him along with her to play a part for the future of their people.

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