Toraxid Drenth – Swamp Druid


There are few Drow born and raised beyond the confines and safety of the Underground. The Druids of Lo Fuin make up some of those few. Toraxid was born in such a druidic circle, devotees to both Renmaeth and Irinax. The Druidic circle has reacted negatively to the meddling of the Moon Drow that aim to restore their lost lands on the surface, ensuring that the swamp and its creatures continue encroaching on the lost ruins.

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The full story

Toraxid Drenth – Swamp Druid

The Druids of Lo Fuin have always tried to keep the land as it is in the current dark, swampy dank jungle that stretches for hundreds of miles. They are removed from the other Druidic circles of Tharador, for their worship of Irinax, thought to be an aspect of Renmaeth or ancient Drow ancestor that had achieved divinity. Though the Lo Fuin Druids still worship Renmaeth, they commune solely with Irinax for guidance who tells them to keep the swamp in its form to protect the Drow from the dangers of the outside world.

So Toraxid was born and raised into these tenets, though found solace himself living in an isolated place upon a small lake. There he has waged his own battles against the outside influences of Lo Fuin, attacking parties of humans, dwarves and outsider elves as well as halting his own kind from rekindling or clearing areas of the jungle, bringing the animals of the swamp to attack and drive away the interlopers.

Toraxid at times will lead entire parties to their death, mimicking siren calls into the murky swamp waters where deadly creatures lurk unseen. Dozens of men can be killed in a second this way. Toraxid is difficult to negotiate or talk with, he barely speaks his own tongue of Raghirik and is only openly hostile to any non-Drow who come across him.

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