Xandir Nvata – Ranger of Swamps


Xandir always felt his life was left in charge by his older twin sister, Exrin. Where she was the wild and unruly one, first to leap into danger, last to ask questions, he was always calm, reserved and analytical. The two complimented each other, allowing them to become a powerful hunting duo in childhood and expert rangers and scouts in adulthood.

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The full story

Xandir Nvata – Ranger of Swamps

Xandir was second born after his twin sister, Exrin. The two were raised as the eldest children of five to an egg miner and a weaver. Though the two often had a habit of playing beyond the confines of their Underground village, wandering through the caves to sunlit land above. In such adventures the children eventually learned to hunt and forage, and brought their makings back to their home, with meat more tender than the gamey lizards of the Underground and berries more sweet than the bitter mushrooms.

Though with the communal sharing culture that Drow villages share, the other villagers grew jealous and even the other children began to grow resentful of Xandir and his sister for the two became paragons in the village, and all other children were compared to the twins. So the hunts grew more dangerous and more tiring as they were forced to no longer try feed seven, but seven hundred. Others would join the twins on the hunts but never had the knack for navigating the swamps as the twins did, and would often become injured, lost or killed much to the disappointment of Xandir who always had argued the risks in bringing on additional hunters to the deaf ears of his father and the village elders.

So when the two were many summers older, and after one particularly poor hunting trip, they decided to fake their deaths or disappearances and simply leave the village, deciding to instead live above land as they had basically done for almost two dozen decades already. It was here that they were observed by the Priestess of Glanbeli, Kadna. She was in awe at how easily the two dispatched a basilisk, a creature usually fearsome against even her own guards. She took the two into her employ, teaching Xandir simple magics to enhance his hunts with the power of Glanbeli, Now the two act as her scouts and occasional bodyguards, accompanying her on her treks to the surface, constantly in contact through bonds in their minds.

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