Meloth the Watcher


A great spider that holds the midst of one of the caverns leading to the surface by Iriksha. It lives in almost utter darkness, save for the own light it illuminates itself from its body, using the luminescence to attract prey which it quickly devours. It is revered by the cultists of Irinax as a saint, though they still fear it for the creature is indiscriminate against its prey.

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The full story

Meloth the Watcher

In the Underground of Lo Fuin prowls creatures just as deadly as those that walk the swampy surface. Meloth the Watcher is holds contender as one of the deadliest and oldest, holding a body count in the hundreds over its centuries of age. The Watcher guards the exit of Iriksha to the surface, ensuring no overly brave Drow make their way outwards, and those that do might think they are guided by the light given by Meloth’s body.

Though in fact this light is a lure used to bring Prey to the enormous spider, who quickly devours any to be fooled by the trap. Cultists and followers of Irinax worship Meloth as a saint and a protector of Iriksha from outsiders, as often entire parties of outsiders have been found as nothing but bones and their armour within the spider’s nest.

The long webs Meloth spins around its lair are often enough to deter would be explorers, but those that ignore the signs quickly find themselves lost or stuck. The lone light in the cave often leads them to believe it to be a way out or a Drow marker, though their hope curdles to dread very quickly.

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