Irinia – Drow Spidermancer


A devout follower of Irinax who has chosen to worship her through immersion, having left the shackles of civilization to live within the dens of her Broodmother. Here Irinia has gathered love and admiration from the Cult of Irinax, and she has became and oracle or prophet of sorts to its members, many who travel treacherous paths to seek her guidance, seeing her as pure manifestation of Irinax.

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The full story

Irinia – Drow Spidermancer

Though many followers of Irinax consider themselves ardently devoted to their Broodmother, there are few who have dedicated themselves like Irinia. When she was still a young girl, her mother had scorned her for being so easily swayed into the cult of Irinax, banishing her from her house. Irinia fled to the cult, who were swift in attempting to enforce reeducation upon Irinia’s family. But her mother was strong and stubborn, and they did not submit. Irinia, only fifteen years old, was forced to watch as her mother was executed, and her younger siblings taken away to be raised as servants of the Cult.

She became completely disillusioned with the Temple after, although her love for Irinax did not waiver. Irinia came to believe it was instead that the clergy were corrupt, misconstruing the words and ideals of their Broodmother. So she left her home in Iriksha, venturing into the Underground to live among the dens of her Broodmother, where she alone could hear and interpret Irinax’s will, free from the conspiring tongues of the Cult.

For over a century she has lived in this hermitude state, a matron of spiders who see her as much as a mother as she sees Irinax. She hunts for them, feeds them and nurtures them, and in turn they are quick to launch themselves at any would-be foes who would aim to bring harm to their mother. Such feats have spun tales across Iriksha, and devotees of Irinax often travel in search of this Spider Matron, though few find her for how often she is on the move, and how much contempt she still holds for the Cult. The few that do see her as a prophet and oracle, a dispenser of wisdom. Many have left the Cult because of her, choosing to instead live in the wilds as she does. This has brought much anger to the Temple, who have now dispatched assassins to pursue and silence her. In a bid to escape them, she has fled into the bowels of Glanbelian territory, near plague-stricken villages that the assassins may not dare to set foot near.

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