Xylanth’s Lair


The lair of the Phase Spider Broodmother, Xylanth. Here the creature has made its home, where its victims from all over the Underground meet their final resting place. It is a wicked place of darkness and fetid smells, hundreds of years of decay and black ichor staining the ground.

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The full story

Xylanth’s Lair

A crevice hidden in the side of the Tunnels of Duroth. Within dwells the dark corridors and web-infested tunnels of Xylanth. The smell that wafts from it alone is enough to give clue to what lies within, a putrid mix of decay, death and refuse. The corridors are winding, tapering and covered in a dark sludge-like substance and spider webs thick like rope. Many of its tunnels are inaccessible to large folk, and even require human-sized races to squeeze themselves through the claustrophobia-inducing spaces.

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