Kharmir “Lorehand” Kilrak – The Chronicler


Freed from the bonds of Irinaxi slavery by Kadna’s agents, Kharmir has taken up service to his liberator, alongside many of his Ashen Dwarf kin. Though with him he takes a great tome, the Book of Ash, in which he chronicles the living history of himself and his kin. His hope is that many of the chapters in the book will involve public executions of Irinaxi Drow.

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The full story

Kharmir “Lorehand” Kilrak – The Chronicler

The Ashen Dwarves have long been servants to Irinax and his “chosen.” Their Drow masters often treated their servants with complete contempt, seeing them as barely a step above beasts, and certainly below spiders. Kharmir and his father were never strictly referred to as slaves, for lower class Irinaxi were not permitted to own them without noble authority. Instead they were classed as indentured servants, constantly having to pay back the food and board provided to them by their employer, an egg farmer who operated far from the bounds of Iriksha, in dark passages of the Underground away from prying eyes.

Her rule was with an iron fist, and Kharmir and his kin were constantly beaten, tortured and threatened with death, oftentimes the threats following through. But his father had taught him to never lose hope, for they were descended from a line of historians who had been the record keepers of their people, most was lost to time, yet Kharmir’s father held one such tome, the Book of Ash. Many pages were still unwritten: history waiting to be made. It was kept secret and treasured by Kharmir’s father, who only told his son of its existence when his life was nearing its end. Decades of torture and beatings do little to ensure graceful aging.

When illness and injuries took his father, Kharmir swore to uphold his father’s wish as an oath. It was only a few months later that the farm was attacked by Glanbelian Drow, who slaughtered the owner and her staff, liberating their “indentured servants.” Kharmir found himself enamoured by their leader, Kadna, swearing fealty to her and her cause. She armed him, trained him and assigned him as one of her enforcers and vanguards in her task force. Now he is on another mission in the name of his mistress, aiming to uncover the cause of a fungal plague overtaking Drow villages through the Underground, all the while he chronicles every moment of his journey.

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