Kadna Glydrin – Glanbeli’s Chosen


The High Priestess of Glanbeli. After the events of the Falling Moon, Kadna has been chosen as her goddesses champion upon Tharador. With her newfound power, she aims to bring the Glanbelian Drow to the surface, repopulating and purifying the foetid swamps of Lo Fuin, If the Drow who’ve sworn fealty to Irinax hinder her, she will be be happy to turn them into food for the spiders they so dearly worship.

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The full story

Kadna Glydrin – Glanbeli’s Chosen

Kadna was raised in the great Drow city of Hirika, the home of the Drow who still worship and bathe in Glanbeli’s light. From her earliest memories she could recall her love and infatuation with the beauty of the moon, and the priestesses that worshipped it and conducted public sermons. Kadna had little desire to pursue her mother’s career as a councillor, nor her father’s career as a general. She joined the Priestesses of Glanbeli when she was of age, and rose through the ranks to High Priestess, still earning her a place on the council beside her mother. Though Kadna wished to use her influence to push past the status quo, her sights were set on the great wilds beyond the confines of the Underground, into the wilderness of Lo Fuin. There she wished to reclaim the old ancient ruins of the Drow from the times they lived still above ground and Lo Fuin was not as vicious and hostile as it was.

But this desire did not come without consequences, in her wish to transform the world above, she tapped into the fabric of the many worlds that lay across Tharador’s threads. The darkness that held Lo Fuin was strong, and she would need powerful restorative magic to banish it. But unintended consequences brought her deity to Kadna herself, and Glanbeli, a newborn divine who had slumbered for countless aeons, was awoken in the swamps, dazed and confused. Though Kadna tried to keep her safe at first, figuring out what to do with the child-like god, things quickly unravelled. The deity escaped her grasp, taking the form of a Dragon and flying across Tharador. For months Kadna tracked her, all the while Glanbeli sought to return to her home, to her body in the moon above. Though she could not reach, so she brought the moon to herself.

For three months a full moon hung in Minera’s sky, unwavering, growing larger by the day. Panic struck the world as end times were hollered by every doomsayer that had ever walked the earth. Tides surged to towering heights and earthquakes ravaged the lands.But Kadna was resilient in her pursuit, bringing her own retinue and finding Glanbeli in the mountains of Greypeak. There she, her retinue and a group of Dragon Hunters defeated her, and Kadna was able to soothe the mind of the deity. Suddenly understanding herself and her purpose, she thanked Kadna, and returned to her body. The moon then returned to its place in the sky and resumed its cycles once again, but Kadna was changed and Glanbeli began speaking to her in her dreams each and every night.

The High Priestess was now Glanbeli’s messenger upon Minera, an instrument of her will, and her will was to see her worshippers in Lo Fuin set free from their kindred oppressors. Glanbeli has thus armed Kadna with powerful restorative and purifying magic since then, to consecrate the places of darkness through the swamps, and bring retribution upon the weak Drow who fell prey to the trappings of their false spider god, Irinax.

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