Uxas Vergos – The Awakened Monk


A wise monk who was captured, tortured and blinded after speaking out against the cruelties of Irinax’s followers in Iriksha. His blindness is now a blessing, for he does not bear witness to the wrath he inflicts on his enemies in retribution. His shackles of restraint are long broken, and his shackles of bondage are now weapons he uses to disembody his foes in righteous fury. The complete destruction of Irinax and its followers are Uxas’ only remaining goal, as a man who never had anything, but still lost it all. Wisdom has been abandoned, only showing fleeting moments as anger and rage consume him instead.

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The full story

Uxas Vergos – The Awakened Monk

When the Cult of Irinax first took root, there were many who opposed it, seeing it as a deviation from the ways of old and calling Irinax a false god, leading the Drow astray. Few of those people remain now, and Uxas Vergos is one of them. When his temple spoke out against Irinax, dozens of its members were slaughtered in demonstration, after allegedly they attacked a peaceful sermon of Irinax taking place at the edge of their grounds. Uxas was only a boy when all this transpired, an orphan taken into the temple’s monastery to serve a better purpose than an urchin in the street. Yet his guilt was as dire as those who had attacked the sermon, in the eyes of the Irinaxi. He was bound in chains, sentenced to eternal torture until his body or mind perished.

Over a century passed by as Uxas endured the worst the Irinaxi could subject him to without outright killing him. He became a training device for new Irinaxi torturers, and an outlet for any who had suffered from a bad day. Always he simply watched on, unflinching, his eyes locked in a stoic stare against his torturers. One in particular hated his piercing eyes, slicing them out the second time he encountered them. For decades, this broke Uxas. His health worsened and it seemed his life was dwindling, yet as death drew near, something inside him snapped. Spite, malice, hatred. Centuries of stoicism broke apart and anger took its place. He would not die like a dog to these heathens. Whether it was futility and desperation, or anger and resentment that drove him, he did not care. His mind began to focus, to see without seeing. His body honed itself, metamorphosing even with the cruel gruel they fed him each day. Then, he became strong enough through the force of will to free himself. He broke his own bonds, and the necks of every captor that held him. He emptied the prison that held him, but ensured the life of every Irinaxi Drow within would be snuffed out before he made his exit. The chains that were used to bind him were now his eyes and weapons, wrapping around the necks and limbs of his enemies, breaking them and tearing them asunder as the energy that flowed through him ushered inhuman strength and agility.

Leaving the prison, he travelled lost through the Underground for days, until two Glanbelian Rangers stumbled upon the wandering monk. They took him back to their nearby enclave, where their High Priestess, Kadna, would decide his fate. Hearing Uxas’ story, she knew his will was stronger than most others, and his hate for the Irinaxi was stronger than even hers. She gave him the opportunity to enact his will against them, with the full backing of her temple as part of her taskforce. Uxas gladly agreed, and has since slain many more Irinaxi scum in his lust for revenge. Now he joins a small taskforce investigating a fungal plague consuming Glanbelian Drow villages in the Underground, with the Irinaxi as presumed culprits. Though he is concerned for the lives of the villagers, his greater concern lies tearing the spines out of any Irinaxi who would be behind it.

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