Duke Conrad Elstein – Drider Noble


The Duke of Tradver up until recently, when his place as a High Priest of Seroca was outed. Not willing to face a hanging, the Duke fled, opening a portal to Lo Fuin’s Underground. There he had many allies, followers of Irinax, a false god created by his own dark divine to lead the Drow astray, moulding them to become valuable puppets and allies.

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The full story

Duke Conrad Elstein – Drider Noble

The reigning Duke of Tradver for almost six decades. He is a figure shrouded in mystery and controversy. His ascent to power began 60 years ago, marked by the mysterious disappearance of Duke Wilman of House Midrun and his family. With no heirs left, Conrad, a half-elf merchant with no noble lineage, was unexpectedly appointed as the successor, sparking widespread uproar and speculation. Many believed that Conrad used his wealth to bribe his way into the dukedom, a belief that intensified as splinter factions within the Belfrian Merchant League sought to depose him, only to meet untimely and suspicious ends. This bolstered Conrad’s fearsome reputation and fueled rumours of his involvement in the Midrun family’s vanishing and his alleged ties to the nefarious Rossa Cartel.

The truth, however, is far more sinister. Conrad is a High Priest of Seroca, the Dark Divine of Secrets. He orchestrated the kidnapping and murder of the former Duke and his family, sparing only the wife, who was the Great Aunt to the current King Trendium of Belfrie. Conrad then altered her identity and memories, making her his wife, and together they had five sons and four daughters. Thanks to his half-elven heritage, Conrad maintains a youthful appearance despite being over a hundred years old, a trait shared by his children who, though in their forties, appear remarkably young.

Conrad’s ultimate aim is to undermine the realm of Belfrie to prepare it as a staging ground for his deity, planning to eventually place one of his Serocan descendants on the throne. He cunningly exploited the Liturium War, hoping it would lead to King Trendium’s demise and leave a malleable young king in his stead. Though this plot was foiled and his place as a High Priest was revealed. This forced the nefarious Duke to flee into Lo Fuin’s Underground. It was here his Divine had been spinning wicked webs for centuries, coaxing the Drow to worship a false invented god, Irinax, the great spider protector. Here Conrad changed his form to that of a Drider, a worshipped figure among the Irinaxi Drow, and a form reserved only for nobles and high ranking religious officials.

Now he used his form to protect himself, and would build a new army with the Drow that would happily lay down their lives before him. Yet Seroca’s brother, Idinhelieth also wished to begin a plot of vengeance against Tharador and the Tharameni, so Conrad became his instrument as well, creating a plague of fungal spores that would eat at the minds of the infected, making them subservient to his will. With half the Drow staunchly adverse to Irinax worship, the fungal plague would become Conrad’s way to recruit the other unwilling half of the Drow populace to his cause.

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