Duragdor – Experiment Cyclops


A biological weapon of Baldur, set loose in a sudden rampage. The human kingdom failed all attempts at containing and repossessing the monster and it has continued to run amok eastwards. Tortured, anguished and in constant pain, the monster has well since passed the point of reasoning. Though cyclops’ are dull, they are often able to be reasoned with. Duragdor however sees all “baby people” as his tormentors and now attacks without recourse or thought.

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The full story

Duragdor – Experiment Cyclops

With the looming threat of Leacianus on the same coasts as Baldur, the human kingdom felt fit to begin devising their own weapons that might combat the High Elven Triarchy should their attention focus on them. Duragdor was one such creature, a standard cyclops imprisoned by Baldurian hunters and taken to a secretive lab. Here the cyclops was experimented on in many ways, dozens of salves, spells, ointments and technologies used to enhance him.

His size was permanently doubled, on him was grafted armour and his skin beneath still hardened like it was as thick as a dozen hides. Other salves enhanced his strength well beyond that of a regular cyclops, and his intelligence too so that he might understand orders given to him by commanders. It all seemed to be progressing spectacularly, until without warning in one of his feeding sessions Duragdor broke containment. He smashed away the stone walls that confined him like they were made of sand, breaking out to freedom.

Baldur, in vain, pursued him. Bullets bounced off his armour like pebbles thrown at a shield, those that found their way to his skin were lucky to ever penetrate it. Even if they did it was little more than a pin prick to Duragdor. Dozens of men were lost in the pursuit to halt the cyclops, even battle mages and some of those he had been conditioned to see as his commanders. Now he continues storming eastward, destroying any settlements or civilization he comes across in the Dwarven Kingdom of Dornat Al Karit

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