Cedric of Wildern – Scout


Cedric – Son of Rolf as he was once known in his home town of Wildern, a small, nothing, border outpost in the fringes of Baldur. Cedric was ill-content with his life there as bar boy in the Wildern Wildhouse. The visit of two seperate adventuring parties within a week spurred him into action, kindling a fire of adventure inside him that had dwelt since he was a boy. Taking up the pistol of his late father and any belongings he had, he rode to the city of Nortros, signing on with The Golden Griffins for a two year contract. He saw action in the Liturium War, which left him disillusioned with his strive for adventure. Now he considers retirement, the final days of his contract drawing near. At its end he vows to use his father’s pistol only as a way to keep others from drawing theirs.

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The full story

Cedric of Wildern – Scout

Most of Cedric’s life was spent in the care of his aunt, the owner and proprietor of Wildern’s Wildhouse, one of the few inn’s of Wildern at Baldur’s fringes of civilization. His life there was quiet, simple. His father Rolf was a retired soldier, who worked within the Wildhouse to Cedric’s aunt until his own passing when Cedric was only six. From an early age Cedric was given his own tasks and chores within the inn, from cleaning and clearing to making of sheets and even the pouring of ale. It was a life he had grown accustomed too and all the days blurred together for all he could remember. It was not until Cedric was sixteen summers old that he began to feel the monotony of his life take its toll. Shortly after he began feeling this, a group of adventurers passed through Wildern, staying at the Wildhouse. The usual patrons of the inn were travelling merchants or caravans passing from north to south. This group en route to Dornat Al Karit to supposedly save the world truly piqued his interest, especially so that they planned to travel through The Reach forest, a place inhabited by the dark and terrible beast Melwyn, said to spare no mortals who entered his realm.

Even with the warning Cedric gave them, the party paid no mind and he watched in horror as they stepped through the forest’s edge the next morning. Truly he wandered of their fate for days, until another group of Bounty Hunters stayed within his inn the next day. The stories they could share of Tharador to Cedric left him in awe, for his life had never left Wildern. Their talks made him feel as though his life would be wasted in Wildern. Begging to join them, the bounty hunters from The Mandril Vilor reluctantly let him take up his father’s pistol and accompany them on their journey northward as they looked for their target on the road to Nortros. In the resulting combat, Cedric narrowly avoided death, feeling invigorated by the battle as adrenaline coursed through him.

Once they reached Nortros, Cedric was encouraged to join The Golden Griffins by the bounty hunters, citing his inexperience would see him quickly killed in the Mandril Vilor, but The Golden Griffins would build him up. Shortly after Cedric finished his training, war erupted between Leacianus and its two human neighbours to the south: Formen & Baelfire.Thrust into war, Cedric’s life was forever changed at the atrocities he saw and committed himself. Forever he would hold the burden of guilt like lead upon his shoulders. He promised himself that at his contract’s end with the Griffins, he would ensure that his pistol would only ever be used to keep others in their holsters in the future.

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