Brumhilda – Dwarven Hunter


A hunter from the edge of the Dwarven World. Much of Brumhilda’s youth was spent in expeditions into the dangerous swamps of Lo Fuin, towing behind her father and older brother. Many times did the great creatures or dangerous drow of the swamps almost claim their lives, as it had their mother when Brumhilda was still a babe. Always has her family acted as experts on Lo Fuin’s most dastardly creatures, selling their services to the WEHL often. Brumhilda was no exception, though wanderlust took her to see new landscapes. When she had signed her first contract to the WEHL, she asked to be sent any place but the swampy plains, for even her calm and cool demeanour would often crack when faced with the horrors of that place.

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The full story

Brumhilda – Dwarven Hunter

The city of Varekan in Dornat Al Karit acts as a staging ground for any expeditions or adventures leading into the swampy, horrific land of Lo Fuin. Many experienced and foolhardy Dwarves made their living their charging extortionate sums to act as guides or guards to those travelling into the land. Brumhilda’s mother and father were such foolhardy Dwarves. As private guides for hire they would charge the cost of nearly half a house to bring researchers, hunters and more to and from Lo Fuin in the two week journey from Varekan to Zander’s Peril: the sole haven of civilization in a hostile place.

It was on such a journey that Brumhilda’s mother was taken by a Lilikrin, a ravenous winged snake-like beast that swims beneath the bogs to ambush its prey. Despite this her father still continued these treacherous voyagers with her older brother, and when she was old enough to wield a firearm would take her along too. Many times Brumhilda came within a hair’s breadth of her death. After the peaceful passing of her father to illness in age, she opted to forgo the family business, though still wishing to put her life-learned skills to use. Enlisting in the WEHL, she acknowledged that she would be happy to take on any work, as long as it wasn’t in Lo Fuin.

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