Rylena – Spellsword


Tragedy fills the life of the fair Rylena. Her homeland of Leacianus always scorned love, and partnerships between males and females were strictly political or transactional. So for Rylena, the daughter of a Marshall to fall in love with her Commanding Officer of noble heritage was sacrilege. She was cast out from Leacianus, wandering Tharador with a broken heart. On joining the Golden Griffins by chance, she was thrust back into war against her homeland, one day finding her lover mortally wounded in battle by her comrades. In his dying breaths, Rylena could do naught but weep. Now she knows naught to live for, save to keep fighting for it is all she knows.

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The full story

Rylena – Spellsword

Rylena was exiled from Leacianus, the High Elven home when she was still young. From a martial family, she fell in love with her commanding officer of noble heritage. When the parents of each family discovered her lover was scorned and she exiled and labelled a seductress. Though she never lost her martial ways, she always felt resentment towards her homeland’s culture for the way it perceived love and romance, especially in days when she would be lost in old Nan Thalian tales of fate and love.

Thus she wandered Tharador with a broken heart, stumbling across the Golden Griffins by chance as a large group of bandits swarmed a small merchant convoy in the remote reaches of Baldur. Springing to action, Rylena made quick work of the bandits that had gained the upper-hand on the outnumbered Griffins. The captain took note of her martial and magical prowess, offering her a place amongst their ranks. Only years later she would be fighting alongside her ex-countrymen again in the Liturium War, only to twist her knife back into them as The Golden Griffins turned coats a year into the war.

At the apex of one of the largest battles before the ceasefire, Rylena stumbled upon the dying body of her lover, bloodied and muddied in the route of the elven forces. Rylena could do naught but weep as he passed in her arms, battle waging still around them as he was comforted in his last moments by her presence once more. Now a young girl that was filled with love, wonder and excitement has become jaded, wounded and confused. Her identity as a Leacianan stripped and her heart torn in two, she no longer knows her reason to fight, except that it is all that she knows. Beneath the warm visage of her beautiful face is a cold icy heart that has lost its beating.

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