Krimmdar – Knight-Faith


Exiled from his homeland within Zandoriel, a crown prince bested in a game of political chess by his twin brother. Forsaking his dragon-kin and ancient draconic worship, Krimmdar paid for passage aboard a slave vessel bound for Sudd Tohst. Spending the six month journey learning Common and Tharadori religions and culture from an elven Knight: Tyriana, he found himself bound to the Tharadori divine of war that she herself worshipped: Horauthin. When he arrived he saw no better way than to honour his newfound patron than signing up to fight within the raging war that had boiled into play a year before his arrival, Tyriana signing up alongside him. Relishing in battle and slaughter, Krimmdar finds no better joy than a worthy fight, though honourable in his fights he is merciless to the defeated, unless he sees them as an equal to himself that he may fight again another day.

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The full story

Krimmdar – Knight-Faith

Through Krimmdar’s entire life he knew one thing: he was to be king, and his younger twin brother Dronin to be his right-claw. A life of pampering in royalty saw his young self hold a sense of self entitlement beyond what most could imagine possible. When finally his father perished, Krimmdar’s world collapsed before him. Dronin had lobbied in his father’s last year of life to buy the loyalty of all their father’s most trusted advisors. When he passed, Dronin sprung his trap, with falsified documents being presented of his birth being before his brother’s with the support and sincere recollection of their age old family friends to back this claim.

Krimmdar tried to fight the false claims, but was jailed for conspiracy to overthrow the crown. Given the option of execution or exile, Krimmdar chose the latter, being sent alongside a slave caravan to Zandoriel’s north where he eventually found passage to Tharador upon a slave ship, though still as a free Dragon-kin. Onboard he met with one of the slaver guards returning to her homeland. Though their communication was limited she was able to teach him both Common and Elvish through her limited Draconic during their boat ride. Tyriana was her name: a paladin of a great deity of war named Horauthin from Tharador. Krimmdar’s interests in the deity grew wide, for he was both the harbinger of war and peace. After six months spent on the boat with Tyriana they landed in the city of Velandria in Belfrie. Just as they landed word of a raging war reached them, Tyriana insisted to Krimmdar that they join a local mercenary company to instill peace and honour Horauthin through war.

Krimmdar reveled in battle, his noble upbringing saw him trained for battle from a hatchling. He found besting even veteran combatants in sparring to be simple, and on the battlefield he became known as The Blue-Scaled Menace, able to cut down swathes of enemies with his enormous Zweihander without breaking as much as a scale. Though Tyriana saw their cause as worthy, she seemingly was ignorant to Krimmdar’s reveling in bloodshed.

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