Tomas Lumens – Half-Orc Artificer


Tomas would forever live in the vengeance of his father, a brilliant human engineer responsible for Baldur’s first trans-city locomotive machine. So too did he live to see the vengeance of his mother, an Orc slave labourer. Tomas watched from a young age his parents be worked to death in the mines. At eight his father passed, then at nine his mother. Through all the turmoil of the rest of his life Tomas vowed that no child would suffer what he endured, no orc would suffer from slavery any longer and the industry of Baldur would be built upon machine, not man or orc. Inheriting his father’s knack for machinery, mixed with unsanctioned magic, Tomas has joined the WEHL in hopes of further exploring the boundaries of Tharador and beyond in answers for his quest of artificial machine-life.

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The full story

Tomas Lumens – Half-Orc Artificer

Raised in a slave labour camp in Veinril, Tomas new little of the world beyond the rife and pungent pit of sulfur his parents constantly worked at. His father was the engineer behind the locomotive engine that connected Grimgate to Baldur’s Helm, sentenced to life in prison for conspiracy against the crown, his sentence was carried out in a form of constant slave labour with the Orcs that were considered so expendable by Baldur’s aristocracy. There his father met an Orc woman he fell for, Tomas being born 18 months into his father’s sentence.

Tomas would watch his father do his best to still tinker and create in the slave camps, becoming fascinated in his creations. When his father passed he was devastated, though no less than his mother of whom had held on to Tomas for nigh a decade and her grief was too great, passing a year after her soulmate. Left alone, the slavers knew not what to do with the half-orc child, for even in the callous hearts of the worst slavers they saw it ill to execute the child, nor to send him to such an early grave in the mines like his parents. They reasoned that for he was part human, perhaps he could be taught as such and the bestial orc side be tamed or subdued. Thus he was thrown into the Veinril orphanage, a fate perhaps worse than death for one of the few half-orc children in the city. Never was he considered for adoption by and would-be parents. After a few years he ceased hoping, eventually escaping the orphanage and falling in with street gangs and other delinquents. Never though did he cease his vows that no child would suffer what he endured, and that no man nor orc would be worked to death in labour such as that.

Feeling there were no heroes left in man, Tomas took it upon himself to create his own. With pistons and steam he fashioned a rudimentary skeleton of steel, though cold and uncontrollable unless with direct powerful magic that would drain any that used it after only minutes of use, making it pointless for menial tasks most would rather do themselves at such point. Thus Tomas joined the WEHL, in hopes that in his travels he could learn in the secrets of an ancient tomb how he might create his own golems of metal and steam like the ancient Goliaths and Elves did to clay and stone.

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