Agga Eyes-Like-Eagle – Goliath Barbarian & Ranger


A Goliath estranged from her hereditary homeland of Oldavor. Agga is one of few Goliaths to have been born and grown beyond the icy plains of the Goliath homeland, raised by a small tribe of wanderers in Greypeak, Agga found herself alone, barely an adolescent as disease left her an orphan and her tribe in ruin. With her traditional upbringing she learnt to fend and provide for herself easily, living in the hills near the city of Vulfkopt. When townsfolk placed a price on her head, calling her a she-beast, Agga slayed every mercenary or adventurer foolish enough to test her. Only when the WEHL was called in did they realise the She-Beast was simply a towering Goliath woman, communicating with her and eventually convincing her to join their own ranks for her tracking prowess and power with any weapon.

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The full story

Agga ‘Eyes-Like-Eagle’ – Goliath Barbarian & Ranger

Goliaths are few and far between in Tharador: a dying race that has been stuck within an ice age for a millennium, the kingdoms of men that border them refusing to allow passage for those wanting to escape the icy hellscape of Oldavor. Agga’s tribe were those fortunate enough to make it past these watchers and rangers that would patrol the borders. Greypeak was the most relaxed of the bordering kingdoms on their watch against Goliaths and other Oldavori horrors.

Taught to hunt from when she was strong enough to pull a bow, Agga has been an exceptional tracker and hunter. During the dark days as Blood-Lung took her parents, Agga would relentlessly hunt day and night for food to sate the almost two dozen members of her tribe. When at last her parents passed, the tribe split after several familial feuds came to their boiling points. None would take Agga, so she left on her own, barely beginning her days of maturity. She lived within the hills nearby a human settlement, finding food easy by guiding away and slaughtering livestock of nearby farmers every few weeks, subsisting on their grains and wild berries between then.

When eventually the townsfolk caught wind of her, they hired mercenaries to dispatch a Hill Giant that had been taking their livestock. None were prepared for the ferocity, craftyness and skill of Hill Giant they fought. Several perished in traps before even reaching her camp within a rocky outcrop, several more met untimely ends as razor arrows pierced their armours with exceptional power. Those that finally met her in melee combat were cut down by her immense power and speed. The few that survived told stories of a beast beyond description, each survivor’s story differing to the last until eventually it reached the ears of the WEHL. When a group of elite WEHL officers attended, they realised quickly from the traps and markings that the monster was a single Goliath. Avoiding her traps, they approached her unarmed and unarmoured, explaining their own purpose and promising Agga a place among them, impressed with her hunting and combat skills. Sick of scratching a living off of rocks and livestock, she agreed, learning Common and human customs over many years as she developed herself as a hunter within the WEHL.

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