Torrent – Water Genasi Warrior


A wandering Water Genasi, disillusioned by the rife nationalism and xenophobia of his own people. Torrent sought to expand the horizons of his mind, to decide of his own accord. Often he is challenged in the lands of men, Baldur particularly for sour relations centuries old between their people, though he finds much kindness also in the hearts of Elves, Dwarves and men beyond Baldur. When he heard of the WEHL he opted to join, for seeing Tharador and being paid to do so seemed as if it needed no thought for him.

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The full story

Torrent – Water Genasi Warrior

Life as an eel farmer in Abunor was simple, meagre and satisfactory. Though such a life was one Torrent felt he was never meant for. Within his watery heart a fire always burned for adventure, to see the sights beyond Greater Abune and the Genasi people he had spent his life surrounded by. He wished to see new peoples, hear new tongues and try new foods, all concepts that were greatly discouraged by the rhetoric of the Genasi Tribunal, which constantly pushed bland-skinned people as dangerous in their homelands, wartorn and lesser to the safety and prosperity of the Genasi lands.

Despite the warnings, Torrent pressed on, boarding a merchant ship in Alatet bound for the Baldurian city of Nortros. Though his Common was poor, it was enough for him to get by and quickly he picked up the language. Working originally as a mariner within the Katarn Sea, he became highly recognised amongst local sailors after word passed of a Water Genasi sailor that climbed aboard a Kraken’s tentacle, severing it from the ship’s hull with naught but a filleting knife. From there he was given a personal invitation to enter the WEHL’s initiation competition, coming out on top with those in his group.

Now he acts as a master hunter and navigator, acting as lead Navigation Officer on most important naval voyages by the WEHL. One of his most useful tools being an enchanted trident he happened across in the ruins of an ancient elven ship he had scoured deep beneath the waves of Katarn Sea. The trident allows his teleportation and swift movement when combatting dangerous beasts.

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