Vurimandi – The Entombed Giant King


The Leader of the Ugadrin Rebellion. Vurimandi was one of the forebears of the Giants and a mason within the great citadel of Khandara, a city intended to be a hidden sanctuary from Men if they were to topple the Empire. But as the war grew direr and his master’s grew harsher, Vurimandi and his kin overthrew their creators and enslavers. The Colossal population of the foundling city was slaughtered, and Vurimandi declared himself King of the Giants, rallying people under his banner. Oldavor’s response was swift, shackling Vurimandi to his throne and slaughtering many of his bannermen. But when the Vavanasai destroyed the Empire, Vurimandi and his kin were forgotten, and have dwelled in Khandara ever since, growing madder as centuries flew by.

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The full story

Vurimandi – The Entombed Giant King

Vurimandi, whose name once echoed with the resonance of sovereignty and rebellion, was a forebear of the giants, a master mason whose hands had shaped the very stones of Khandara. The citadel, envisioned as a bastion against the tide of humanity, stood as a testament to his skill and the might of the Oldavori Empire. But as the war against Men intensified, the empire’s demands grew ever more tyrannical, and the weight of servitude became unbearable. It was then that Vurimandi, with the fire of defiance burning in his heart, led his kin in a ferocious uprising, overthrowing the Colossals who had claimed dominion over them. In the blood-soaked aftermath, he crowned himself King of the Giants, giving hope to his people, being seen as a liberator.

Yet, freedom was a fleeting dream. The empire’s retribution was as swift as it was brutal. Vurimandi, the rebel king, was bound in chains, his throne turned from a seat of power to a pillar of his imprisonment. His bannermen fell by the sword, their cries a dirge for the dying dream of a giant’s kingdom. When the Vavanasai was activated, enshrouding the Colossal Empire in eternal winter, Khandara was forgotten and its inhabitants were consigned to the annals of obscurity. Vurimandi’s once-proud visage, now a mask of anguish and insanity, remains a haunting relic of his failed rebellion.

Centuries have passed, and the halls of Khandara have become a mausoleum for Vurimandi’s ambitions. The giant king, still entombed upon his throne, has been eroded by the relentless passage of time, his mind a labyrinth as twisted as the corridors he once walked freely. His form, once a paragon of strength and leadership, is now a monument to the madness that consumes him, his hollow roars echoing through the citadel.

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