Driga – Colossal Blood Shaman


The wisewoman of Pahadi. Driga is a Sanguine Colossal with centuries worn upon her. Yet the elusive blood magic of her forebears has kept her youthful, and a powerful wise woman for the people of Pahadi. Two years ago she left her home and her place as wisewoman for a greater cause. The events after are blurry to her, but now she wanders as one of the many lost in the icy subterranean citadel of Khandara.

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The full story

Driga – Colossal Blood Shaman

For hundreds of years, Driga had served as the wisewoman of the coastal town of Pahadi, one of the largest settlements of Spiritual Colossals in Oldavor. Ailments were cured and newborns were delivered with her aid for hundreds of years. Though she became a divisive figure, called a crone by some and a saviour by others, she cared little for the bickering thoughts of Pahadi’s populace. Her true passion lay in a hopeful reunification of Oldavor, and the dispelling of the Vavanasai which had held their land in a calamitous winter for millennia.

Spurred on by this ambition, Driga was among those who joined a host of Rangers from the Watchers who delved into the depths of Duoarastat in bid to annihilate the hivemind of the Shapeshifters and Psyflayers that plagued Oldavor’s icy plains. Yet somewhere in the anarchy of the depths, Driga’s mind fell astray, though where and when she cannot recall. Darkness and cold enveloped her as she awoke in the dungeons of Khandara, though in her mind she still thought herself trapped in Duoarastat for many days. Only as she uncovered the unnerving, forgotten citadel did she realise the precarious circumstance she had now met; perhaps a fate worse than death.

As she took inventory of those trapped in the citadel with her, she realised her mind would quickly wither lest she exploit their enervated states. So she drew on their blood, keeping her sane and youthful for the two years she has been trapped in the ruins, though even she can feel her mind slowly slipping at times – she just hopes to escape her icy prison soon, before she joins her inmates in insanity.

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