Halls of Khandara


An ancient fortress that was used as the centre of advances in genetic research during the Oldavor Empire’s height. Initially constructed as a prison where the empire’s most valuable prisoners of war were interred, its purpose changed as the Colossals came to realise there would be little negotiating with the Men they warred against.

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The full story

Halls of Khandara

Khandara, once a fortress-prison of the Oldavor Empire, transformed into a hub of genetic experimentation. Originally built to detain valuable war prisoners, the Colossals quickly pivoted to using these captives as test subjects for enhancing their soldiers, spurred by the inability to negotiate with their human enemies. As the researchers ventured into new realms of science, human test subjects endured horrific trials that often led to their demise. These endeavors, however, led to significant advances, including the manipulation of the Colossal genome and the creation of Psyflayers.

The fortress, while retaining its role as a prison, evolved into a state-of-the-art facility, symbolizing the empire’s might with its expanded and embellished architecture. Here, researchers proudly applied their techniques on Colossal volunteers, giving rise to the Ugadrin, the first Giants. However, perceived as abominations by the emperor, these Giants were relegated to expendable roles or punished for rebellion. Their uprising against their creators marked Khandara as the heartland of their short-lived independence, culminating in a brutal suppression that sealed their fate, entombing them within the icy walls of their own making.

Over time, the once-proud citadel became a cold, isolated bastion of anguish and insanity. The snow-covered structure now stands as a malevolent entity, with its air of Mindrot ready to claim the sanity of any intruder. Those who venture into its desolate embrace are swiftly consumed by Mindrot, succumbing to the same cursed legacy as the Giants—trapped forever within a fortress that is both their birthplace and their tomb.

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