Telnam Gnik – The Big Game Hunter


Dwarves of Tharador are usually known to be resplendent lovers of nature, (despite the usual bad wrap they get as industrialists). However, there are many Dwarves who do fill this stereotype, and none better than Telnam Gnik. Telnam hunted many great beasts in his time, but a year prior his home city of Varekan was assailed by a gargantuan monster of the sea. His family perished in the attack, and Telnam has been on a self-destructive war path against giant beasts ever since. His mind has been corroded and strident whispers have led him into the wastes of Oldavor, to find the greatest game he might in the depths of the forgotten fortress of Khandara.

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The full story

Telnam Gnik – The Big Game Hunter

Telnam was raised in the Dwarven mining town of Bragnin, which also served as a large part of Dornat Al Karit’s timber industry. Telnam’s father, Ytrohs, acted as a hunter who would protect lumber camps in the jungle from Drow attacks, and whatever other wretched creatures lurked in the canopy’s shadows. Telnam followed in his father’s footsteps, blowing the brains out of his first Drow with only eighteen summers to his beard. Telnam relished in the bloodshed, but found greater joy when he began slaying the greater creatures of the forest – treants, spriggans, owlbears and the like. It brought him immense pleasure to blow apart any creature bigger than him, until it was smaller than him.

Telnam’s enthusiasm and proficiency towards hunting grand monsters earned him a place among the Ek Viriktar, a renowned company of hunters employed by the Dwarven Crown for culling and hunting monsters that threaten the safety of their kingdom’s citizens and visitors. But hunts became infrequent as monster populations were culled to near-extinct numbers. Telnam yearned for more, and left to the swamps of Lo Fuin in a bloodlust. It was there in Zander’s Peril he met his wife, and he returned to the city of Varekan to begin a tanning and trophy business. There he settled with her, begetting four children. Yet his longing for the hunt could not be sated, and often he would journey back into Lo Fuin for further trophies and pelts for his store.

It was on one such trip that Varekan was besieged by the great beast Tarraan, which left a wake of destruction upon the city. In this destruction, his home and livelihood were levelled, and his family killed. Utter grief sank into Telnam, and self-destruction took hold as he began a vendetta against all of the natural creatures of Tharador. In this stupor, a voice seemed to sway him to travel north. There the greatest and mightiest of monsters lay, and what fine trophies they would make, and how proud would his family be to see him slay giants and Nix Centipedes. In a trance he travelled across the continent to a place more dangerous and inhospitable than even Lo Fuin, and there he continued to drag himself through snow up to his chest.

Finally he arrived where he felt he wished to be, an ancient, abandoned citadel of Oldavor, bored deep into the earth in many tiers. He stood on the precipice, before an unknown force tipped him over the edge. He plummeted hundreds of feet down, yet awoke in an icy cell soon after, his body aching and his stupor dispelled. Sobriety weighed upon him like an anvil. All the other residents of the icy abode were Colossals, thrice his size. Yet the giants dwelt there too. All of them would have to perish for him to be sated, and to escape.

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