Calanar – Half Elf Psionic Agent


A Half-Elf who had been sentenced to twelve years of service in The Watchers after maiming her professor. Calanar joined a ranging expedition into the frozen Oldavori wasteland, and after a harrowing experience, was lost to the wastes. Yet she was saved, waking hundreds of miles from Oldavor’s border in a warm bed. There she learnt of and was inducted into the Psithars, an ancient organisation of Psionic users on Tharador. Her latest assignment has taken her back to Oldavor, to investigate the mysterious ruins of Khandara, which seem to be luring people from across Tharador.

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The full story

Calanar – Half Elf Psionic Agent

The tribulations that have burdened Calanar since she was a babe would weigh heavy upon the souls of any mortals. Yet Calanar has endured, from her tumultuous childhood where her parents thought her to be possessed by her powers, to her years as a young adult, being the experimental marionette of the professors who were meant to aid her. It was in these experiments she struck out against her teachers, refusing to slay a Colossal prisoner begging for its life, simply so her tutors might test the potency of her psionic abilities. So Calanar tested them against those who commanded her. Her professor was maimed, and Calanar was sentenced to a dozen years of service in the Watchers as penance for her crime.

Her reputation as a ruthless, impetuous loner was quickly cemented on arrival. She was accosted on her first night; traditional hazing for new members in the Watchers. Yet instead of being a victim, she was a predator. The first man to lay a hand on her had every bone in that hand broken, one by one, while Calanar barely had to lift her own hand. Few dared to try their luck after that, those that did met the same fate as the callous young woman inflicted inconceivable pain upon them. Though these acts did not go unnoticed by command, and Calanar thus was dutifully punished for mangling her comrades in such a manner. One such punishment took the form of a range into the Frozen Wastes, in search of a lost ranger squad lead by the Hex Hunter, Captain Gaius.

Calanar’s memory of the range is hazy, but she knows she came to the brink of death. When she awoke, her wounds were healed and she rested in a warm bed, with a beautiful human woman at her side. The woman introduced herself as Violet, and explained herself as the head of a secret organisation called the Psithars. They had been watching Calanar intently for years, and sought to act when the time was right, saving her from certain death, yet doing so in a manner where none would think anything of her appearance, and for all intents and purposes her superiors would mark her as MIA, assumed to be consumed by a Shapeshifter. Finally, tutors who truly understood her powers guided her hands through the aid of their clandestine order. Though she was still an apprentice, her mastery of psionic power was greater than many who had years more experience than her.
In her latest assignment, she was sent alongside her master to the mysterious citadel of Khandara in Oldavor, owing to her familiarity with the frozen wastelands. She had no wish to return there, and her fears soon became well founded as she was split from her master in a murderous blizzard. Her memory faded soon after, and she awoke in the dungeons of Khandara, with all her belongings, yet her master was nowhere to be found. Quickly, Calanar came to realise the abandoned citadel was an entity of its own, and though her mind shield saved her from the mindbroken state that many of its other inhabitants fell into, she knew it would not hold for long. She needed to escape, yet every step up seemed to create two new steps in her path, enshrouded in blackness.

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