The Ugadrin – Snow Giants


In the twilight years of the Colossal War, the Oldavori Empire succumbed to desperate measures to stave off the resilient and unrelenting humans. Before there were Shapeshifters and Psyflayers, there were giants. Beings that were stretched to the very limits of their potential, to be used as soldiers in the war against Men, and slaves and servants in the cities of the empire. Those entombed in Khandara were those loyal to their King Vurimandi in his attempted rebellion against their Colossal creators. Over a thousand years later they still roam the halls, though their minds ring hollow, and madness has taken them all.

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The full story

The Ugadrin – Snow Giants

In the waning years of the Colossal War, the once-mighty Oldavori Empire, driven to the brink of desperation, turned to the creation of titans to preserve their faltering dominion. The Ugadrin, Snow Giants of formidable stature, were born of such desperation. These giants, sculpted from flesh and magic, were stretched beyond the natural limits of their being, fashioned into warriors for the battlefield and behemoths for labour in the grand cities. Yet, their loyalty was not to the empire that forged them, for their mistreatment left them scorned, and united under the banner of their proclaimed leader – King Vurimandi.

When Vurimandi raised his colossal fist in rebellion, the Ugadrin stood by him, their loyalty as unshakable as the mountains from which they hailed. But their defiance was met with a cruel fate; they were sealed within the icy walls of Khandara, entombed alongside their king in a frozen mausoleum meant to be their eternal prison. Over the centuries, the chill of the citadel seeped into their bones, and the isolation gnawed at their sanity. Now, they wander the endless corridors, their once-noble minds eroded by the relentless march of time, leaving behind only the husks of madness.

The echo of their heavy footsteps is a sombre dirge in the halls of Khandara. The Ugadrin, once proud and mighty, now roam as spectres of their former selves, their eyes hollow, their thoughts lost to the abyss of insanity. They are the remnants of a forgotten war, their purpose and pasts obliterated, leaving them to haunt the citadel as ghosts of flesh and bone, trapped in a never-ending cycle of confusion and rage.

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