Sabka – Giant Sabertooth Tiger


The deadly, undying pet of Vurimandi that has wandered the halls of Khandara for millennia. In the tongue of Budnal, Sabka means “warden.” It lives up to its name with how it patrols the halls of the citadel, stalking any prey it sees that might be trying to escape. Though some of the more sane residents know escape is impossible, and believe Sabka simply enjoys the thrill of the hunt, and the misery inflicted on those who fail and become its next meal.

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The full story

Sabka – Giant Sabertooth Tiger

In the shadowed and icy corridors of Khandara, where the chill of the air bites as fiercely as the teeth of predators, prowls Sabka, the Giant Sabertooth Tiger. A creature from an age long past, Sabka was once the cherished companion of Vurimandi, the Giant King whose rule was as cold and unyielding as the citadel itself. When the king was entombed in Khandara’s depths, Sabka remained, bound to the halls of the citadel by an ancient and unbreakable will. Over the millennia, the tiger’s spirit refused to fade, its undying vigilance turning into a relentless curse, as it continued to patrol the labyrinthine passages, a warden of a long-forgotten kingdom.

Sabka’s presence in the citadel is as much a part of Khandara as the ice that encases its walls. The beast’s eyes, glowing with a spectral light, have witnessed the rise and fall of countless would-be escapees, their hopes dashed as swiftly as their bodies were torn asunder. To the denizens of Khandara, Sabka is a constant reminder of their eternal imprisonment, a symbol of the futility of their attempts to flee. Yet, there is a whisper among the more lucid prisoners that Sabka’s relentless hunting is not merely a duty to its long-departed master but a pursuit of sadistic pleasure, a dark joy found in the despair of others and the savage end it brings to their flight for freedom.

For Sabka, the hunt never ends. The giant tiger roams with a grace that belies its monstrous form, each silent step a harbinger of doom for those who dare to dream of life beyond the citadel’s cursed walls. In the rare moments of stillness, when the echoes of its roars fade into the oppressive silence, one might wonder if Sabka yearns for release from its eternal service. But such thoughts are quickly dispelled when the beast’s snarl cuts through the cold air once more, and the deadly game of predator and prey resumes within the stone confines of Khandara.

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