Turak’tali – Colossal Druid of the Valley


A Colossal hailing from the Druidic Circle of Brel Endra in Oldavor. Turak’tali left her homeland to become the head of a smaller satellite coven of the Western Pillar of Brel Alda. It was her and her kin that first bore witness to the terrible affliction of Dragonsblight, and Turak’tali and her disciples have desperately travelled across Draksborne to contain the illness, before it can wreak further havoc on the densely populated cities of the kingdom. Canos is the largest city on the mainland, and Turak’tali feels it is her charge to save whatever she can, in spite of her failures to contain the illness when it first sprouted at her doorstep.

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The full story

Turak’tali – Colossal Druid of the Valley

A Colossal born amidst the oasis of greenery in the icy plains of Oldavor that is Brel Endra. The Druidic Circle is the sole place of protection from the endless blizzards within the cursed land of the Colossals. Turak’tali was a wanderer who oft dreamt of leaving the green confines of the Druidic Sanctum, wishing to travel through the icy wastes of her kindred since she was still young. Though she stood true to the rules imposed on her by her elders, she often wished to fly free regardless, and to bring aid to her people, starving and hunted by foul monstrosities in the snow-laden wastes.

Though she was an astute learner in the ways of Druidic arts, she was not an astute listener to her masters and their parables. She was quick to question and argue against her betters, and poor at taking no for an answer, with this eventually culminating in her leaving the coven to explore the battered frozen wastes, where she found a supposed Colossal male wounded in the snow. She grabbed him, tended to his wounds and brought him back to the Circle, only for the Druidic masters to immediately engulf the man in flames as he lunged at her, identifying him as a putrid Shapeshifter. For her insolence the young Druid was sent away from her home, where she posed a threat with the dangers beyond its bounds, and given to the much safer Grove of Brel Alda in Draksborne. There she found a new home, and her lust for adventure was sated.

With her needs of wandering met, Turak’tali grew into a powerful and wise Druid, and the task fell to her to create a satellite Grove within the Eredel Valley, acting as way for the Western Pillar of Renmaeth to easily communicate with the city of Eredel nearby. Turak’tali began a prosperous relationship with the city, who already held a great love for Renmaeth and her creations, which Turak’tali nourished, instilling a love for the Ten’gwael Flower Festival holiday which became held in a regard as high as the national Draksbornian holidays. Though all this would come to ruin, as her kin became the first victims of the madness inducing ailment of Dragonblight, her small Druidic Circle becoming decimated by the disease. Eredel faired far worse, with a large swathe of the city forced into quarantine, and when that failed, bathed in flame. When Turak’tali learned the disease was quickly spreading south, she left Eredel in the hands of the few Druids she had left, staying on the trail of the disease to Canos, where it had already sunken its foul fangs into. Here she quickly informed the Duke of the ailment’s properties, ordering the bridges of the affected districts be demolished, and the gates sealed shut. The Duke’s task force of Elite Knights that delved into the heart of the infestation to quell it have not returned, and now Turak’tali feels it is her charge to right her wrongs, and redeem her failure in Eredel. She does not wish to see Canos swathed in flame like Eredel.

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