Amélie Saffron – Maiden Cleric


One of the twin daughters of His Excellency High Bishop Madrigal, Speaker of Erdrydion. Amélie’s life has been spent entirely within the church, though in a very different part from her sister. Her eyes wore out from years of study spent upon the books of her forefathers, and Erdrydion’s Grace could not heal them. Thinking this a sign from the great Divine, she took on her affliction with esteem, using it to devise and teach the blind the ways of reading, scripture, prayer and navigating their lives using Erdrydion’s guidance. Now she calls on Erdrydion’s Guidance once more, to aid her in unleashing Idinhelieth’s grasp on her city, and her sister.

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The full story

Amélie Saffron – Maiden Cleric

The Saffron family can trace their lineages as devotees of Erdrydion back to the Second Era, during the golden age of the Draksborne Empire, their line flourished as it rose to the head of the Church during the short-lived Canosite Rebellion of the Fourth Century of that era. With Canos’ noble family being longtime political rivals of the Saffron family, they were quick to inform the Imperial Court of their liege’s planned betrayal against the empire. In later claims of the Saffrons, this was done as enacting Erdrydion’s Will against subterfuge, a claim that was used by the family to carve their path into Erdrydion’s Church in Draksborne, given positions as a dynasty of High Bishops and Speakers who acted both for the Church, and in the Imperial Court’s favour.

This tradition has carried on hundreds of years later, with the current Saffron family patriarch the High Bishop of the Dukedom of Canos. Madrigal is but one of many forks of the Saffron family overseeing activities of Erdrydion’s Church across Draksborne. Amélie and her twin sister Johanna are envoys of his will, Amélie having dedicated herself to reading the scriptures of the church and her forefathers her entire life from a young age, while her sister Johanna dedicated herself to the blade. Both aspects of Erdrydion, bound in the spirit of the zealous sisters. Amélie’s life as a scholar was punishing, her life made miserable by her peers who envied, despised and ridiculed her for her lineage as a Saffron. It was shortly after she entered her final year of study in Canos that it seemed Erdrydion himself shunned her as well, with her vision beginning to fail in a cruel twist of fate, as her eyes clouded over and lost their vibrant green colour and sharp focus. Though Amélie did not let this fate waiver her faith. She instead saw it as a sign from Erdrydion and his sibling Tharameni to give her greater purpose.

Though her eyes were seemingly unhealable, her fingers could trace the etchings of the texts, and it allowed Amelie to continue her readings, eventually devising a writing method using a metal stylus and wax-coated paper that allowed herself to write and read text. Seeing his daughter’s greatness, Madrigal began giving many of the blind servants and beggars of Canos to her, seeing them as potential followers to aid his daughter’s cause. Thus the Sightless Maidens of Erdrydion came to be, with Amélie as their leader as she transcribed hundreds of books and tomes of the past for reading and writing, bringing the blind into the clergy with newfound purpose.

It was nigh a decade after this that Amélie found herself entwined in the fate of her city, as the baneful Dragonblight from the north had quickly swept through her city, turning its occupants into wretched pawns of some dark god. Though the truth was obscured even from her. It was in this chance of fate that Amélie was finally reunited with her twin, who was just as changed as herself, recognising each other only by name. Johanna’s face was now masked by the helmet of the Judges, and Amélie’s veiled by her Maiden’s garb. They bade each other a last farewell as Johanna boarded a small row boat bound into the heart of the infestation, though that was nigh two days ago. Amélie now wishes to delve in after her sister, with Erdrydion’s Guidance to protect her, and heal any companions that would travel with her.

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