The Amalgamation – Aberrant Abomination


As the bodies of Dragonblight victims begin to break down into naught but festering, rotting flesh, they begin to merge themselves into large colony-like entities, Amalgamations. These creatures vary in size from their initial creation with only a dozen bodies of mass, to towering, building sized behemoths of dripping flesh and blood, made up of hundreds of combined corpses. Though in rare instances, they can attach themselves to a powerful host, who obtains full control of the amalgam whilst under Dragonsblight’s pull on their mind, as in this instance.

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The full story

The Amalgamation – Aberrant Abomination

As Canos’ southern districts fall prey to the overwhelming tide of Dragonsblight, victims of the ailment are dragged to a fate far worse than death. The dead, rotting from within, do not find peace from the evils of the plague, instead the become proliferators of it, in hulking mounds of corpses dragged through the streets by the will of a twisted, miserable hivemind. The uninfected are quickly absorbed into the ranks of these Amalgamations, consumed and gnawed by bones and crushed by a mass of weeping flesh, riddled with boils and blight.

As they reach maturity, these monstrosities find a host, latching onto a living being of considerable power ensnared by Dragonblight’s madness, yet untransformed. The host, driven by the twisted influence of the plague, gains dominion over the Amalgamation, which burrows itself into their body for their full control. An Empowered Amalgamation is a true horror to behold, with the lumbering, aimless mass of an Amalgamation now wielded with strength, intellect and precision. These creations are the intended end phase for many of the powerful warriors Bastian has kept in his control throughout Canos’ southern districts.

This gruesome symbiosis enhances the host’s capabilities, turning them into a formidable force bound by the plague’s will. The Amalgamation becomes a grotesque armor and arsenal, with limbs and appendages that can lash out with the strength of the many lives it has absorbed. Yet, as it protects and empowers its host, it also condemns them to a fate worse than death: forever bound to a living prison of flesh, condemned to enact the will of the Dragonblight.

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