Ravenous Crows – Corvid Abominations


Crows infected by Dragonblight. The nature of the disease is attempting to metamorphose them into humanoid like creatures, giving them greater intelligence but creating horrific, ungodly forms. Though their minds have swelled with intelligence, it has come at a cost of extreme aggression, with the corvids attacking and cannibalising any uninfected creatures they see on sight.

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The full story

Ravenous Crows – Corvid Abominations

One of the unintended and unforeseen side effects of unleashing Dragonsblight on the populations of Draksborne was infecting the fauna. With the disease intended to transmogrify humans and humanoids, its creator was unaware of the effect it would have should the disease mutate a strain that affected avians. With the outbreak in Canos, the first case of avian Dragonsblight has been witnessed, with affected crows in the city growing quickly grotesque from the infection.

Their bodies are stretched and contorted far beyond their normal means, as their bones twist and break into a form resembling a facsimile of a human. Though many of their corvid features shed away as the disease progresses, and their newly grown limbs continue to contort and break down further, as the disease continues to claim them til naught is left but a pile of flesh and bone, dragged into an Amalgamation later when enough have perished. Though their appearance may be that of something weak and frail, they are anything but.

Soldiers on guard by the water edges overwatching the Favian have watched in horror as some of these abominations are able to spring themselves across the river, with enough of a running start, and tear about two to three fully armoured men before finally being taken down by fire and arrows. As a result, the riverside is now constantly monitored by pyromancers and archers to prevent any further incidents like these from taking place, lest the disease spread to the north side of the city. Even uninfected birds are set ablaze on sight by any pyromancers on sentinel duty.

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