Ser Elias the Forgotten – Knight of the Void


A Knight of Space and Time who was once a member of the ancient order of Psithars. Ser Elias is one of the only Men of Minera to ever successfully transpose themselves beyond the bounds of the planes of Minera or her Children, though for millennia he has been trapped in void, in a state of limbo in the old world that he tried to return to, with naught but his thoughts to accompany him as he watched centuries of history unfold. Now in the wake of Dragonblight he has returned, finding the Tharador he left completely changed. Yet his crumbled mind still held that clarity that the world that Men once came from is completely changed, and that the Men of Minera should not return there.

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The full story

Ser Elias the Forgotten – Knight of the Void

In the First Era when the first Awakened Humans began regaining their memories of Terra, Ser Elias was among the first. He, Violette, Henrique and a handful of others would go on to form the clandestine order of Psithars, dedicated to finding more of their kind and beginning a plan to return to the home that eluded them in their memories of their old lives. Many lifetimes of theirs passed, whether by age, ailment or violence they would meet their ends, and rendezvous again in their next lives. While Violette and Henrique pursued more pragmatic and safer routes to locate other Awakened Humans and experiment with plane shifting back to their home world, Elias walked a darker and deadlier path.

Having lost attachment to Tharador and any of his lives there, he was more than happy to put his many lives on the line, and in doing so strove towards progress further and further each time. Though his friends and cofounders condemned him, not wishing to see his soul lost into the Void, he felt himself shift further with every death he experienced as he purposefully tore himself apart with an immense font of power as he plane shifted, projecting his soul across the void as he died.

Each time he was pulled back, yet on one occasion he thought to power his journey with the souls of other, unwilling participants. This time he did arrive on Terra, yet his soul was doomed to wander in a state of perpetual limbo, finding no restful ever after or a return to his mortal coil. His mind was secluded from anything, all he could do was endure madness as centuries of warfare and development flickered past the widened eyes of his spirit. The world he witnessed unfold was not the world he and his companions had left, and finally when his spirit as suddenly ripped back to Minera, he was thrown into his old body as though it had never left.

He found himself where he had left from, a thousand years later. Though now Tharador was also forever changed. The Men had made it there home, and to return now would be an evil too heavy for their souls to bear. Thus he decided that Men should not leave Minera, and as his sanity faded and Bastian’s grip on his mind tightened as Dragonblight sunk into him, he made it his goal to thwart the plans of Bastian, and whatever being might be controlling him above.

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