The Mind Walker – Abomination of Intellect


Whilst Amalgamations are the bodies of Men contorted by Dragonblight, Mind Walkers are non-human races who meet an equally gruesome fate at the end of the diseases lifecycle. Those who perish have their heads pried open like hatching eggs from within, and their brains scurry to others like them nearby, where they form into enormous megabrains, biological thinking machines with eldritch limbs sprouting from their cerebral grooves, carrying them through Canos’ streets.

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The full story

The Mind Walker – Abomination of Intellect

In the twisted finale of Dragonblight’s lifecycle, non-human races suffer a fate as grim as any afflicted human, though their end is uniquely grotesque. The plague cracks their skulls open as though they were mere eggs, heralding a macabre birth rather than death. From these broken craniums, the brains—swollen and pulsating with a vile semblance of life—scuttle toward their kin. Fusing together, they form massive, sentient megabrains. These abominations crawl through the streets of Canos on unnatural limbs that sprout like twisted roots from their cerebral folds, each movement a testament to their monstrous evolution.

As these megabrains navigate the desolate city, they grow by absorbing the minds of fallen non-humans, becoming vast repositories of twisted intelligence. They carry themselves on limbs that are as much a part of Canos’ streets as the cobblestones and shadows, pulsing with dark energy. Their advance sends ripples of terror through the air, a psychic miasma that whispers of madness to any who come too near. This is no mere migration; it is a deliberate, sinister congregation of minds, a gathering of eldritch thought and intent that seeks to reshape the city into a reflection of their horrific new order.

These Mind Walkers represent more than the sum of their parts; they are a network of collective consciousness, intent on expanding their dominion. As they absorb the intellects of their victims, they also strip them of sanity, leaving nothing but husks behind. Their growth marks the spread of the Dragonblight, turning them into beacons of corruption and harbingers of a darker future. With each mind they consume, their influence widens, plotting to engulf not just Canos but perhaps, in time, all beyond its cursed borders.

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