Bastian the Everknowing – Royal Psionic Master


Once a member of the elusive Psithars, Bastian abandoned their order over their methodology and views on non-humans. He moved to the University of Canos, wishing to further study psychic conditioning in humans and hybrid races there. Bastian became well renowned within Draksborne’s inner circles as a prodigy and genius of the human mind, and has often been sought out by the royal family for his services, funding most of his research in Canos.

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The full story

Bastian the Everknowing – Royal Psionic Master

Bastian bears the weight of hundreds of lifetimes of memories upon his soul and mind. When he reached adolescence, the familiar markers of Awakening dawned on him, flashes of past lives and past deaths invading his dreams and then overtaking his waking mind as well. Finally he remembered everything, and shortly after a young woman named Violet reached out to him, a woman familiar to him from his past lives as one of the leaders of the ancient order he was so often a part of, the Psithars.

Again he was pulled into their ranks to further their goal of awakening the minds of all Men in Tharador, though the constant ebb and flow through this organisation felt fruitless to Bastian, remembering instead a dozen lives wasted in service to a listless faction whose methods were slow, and treatment of outsiders and non-humans especially, was awful. For they only cared for Men, and wishing to awaken their minds of their past lives, and their lives on Terra, so that they might one day awaken one with the mind to return them home. Bastian grew disconnected from this goal and method, deciding instead to leave the clandestine group and begin his own research, despite the threats and condemnations from Violet and his peers.

He entered the University of Canos, quickly rising as a prodigy of vast, encyclopaedic knowledge. When agents of the Psithars infiltrated the University in an attempt to assassinate Bastian and purge his research, he was merciless and remorseless in slaying them, cutting them down with sharpened psionic energy in moments, leaving mangled carcasses in their wake. After this he was knighted for his services in preserving the knowledge of Draksborne, and his research and powers became known to the Destra family who ruled Draksborne from its capital.

Often they would pay for his services, either travelling to Canos or calling him to their palace in the capital, where he would soothe or hone their minds, something he detested, but was paid an exorbitant sum for. Thus he continued to do this, using it to fund his research as he tried to find new ways for the race of Men to leave the plane of Tharador, and return to Terra, though these methods weren’t always moral as many of them involved experimenting with the minds of the condemned and the dying. His methods however, returned no results he wished for, and quickly it seemed he was inflicting more suffering in vain than even the Psithars, which weighed heavy on his heart.

Though reprieve came for him when the ailment of Dragonblight fell upon the fair city of Canos. Bastian was one of the first to contract the affliction, though when he did it felt as though another life locked in his millennia of memories was opened to him. A voice spoke from within, and suddenly he knew what must be done: for humanity to return from where it was, it must become One again. He knew it would inflict immense suffering on his kin to do this, but the ultimate permanent rewards would far outweigh the cost and temporary suffering. So he began to spread the illness in all ways that he could, and in turn it would awaken the minds and tear apart the bodies of the afflicted, and he like a shepherd would guide them into their Amalgamation. Though the navy sits on the edge of Lake Canne, ready to firebomb the city, Bastian uses his powers to sink and destroy any ships that dare make their approach. It’s become clear to those trying to end the plague in the city that killing Bastian is their only hope at restoring order, though his sanctuary in Canos University on the Isle of Awe is not easy to reach.

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