The Voice


One of the more powerful spawns from the great creature of the deep, Quorenderi. The Voice guides its Listeners through telepathic means, each of its Listeners dedicated to a single mission of The Voices’ accord. The Voice is enormous, and should it die, one of its Listeners will go through the rigorous process to evolve to take its place.

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The full story

The Voice

During the Age of Creation, Agents of Quorenderi founded homes near Tharador’s shores. Hiding from the Vosinderi of Inderimaeth, they dug beneath the sea into vast caves that they used as bases in the war against mortals. In these caves, creatures known as The Voice would send out agents to fulfil the needs of their creators. The Listeners were these creatures, and it was their genes and bodies that the Colossals of Oldavor would one day use to create their own Shapeshifters and Psyflayers.

The Voices answered to Eldrinderi directly in these times, enacting missions to sabotage the coastal armies and destroy the towns of the Beremeni and Velgaryn. When Mindoriel was defeated and Eldrinderi rose again as Quorenderi, they took on his wishes once more, slowly enacting his plans of vengeance. The Voice that now sits near the University of Ardris was directly responsible for the destruction of Elen Estel some 50 years prior, having manipulated a group of adventurers into weakening the seals that kept Mindoriel’s children at bay.

Now its sights are set on the University of Ardris itself, as the body of a unique Liturium-infused Riverstalker from the north is held in there, being researched by the staff. With one Listener, the Voice guides it in search of the body so it can be returned to the sea. It aims to manipulate those within the school, while doing its best to maintain its own secrecy, for the Voices were almost entirely unknown during the Age of Creation. It is a cunning and intelligent creature, and will stop at nothing to reach its goal.

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