Em Oddflame – Aspiring Artificer


A young artificer from Baldur forced to flee because of her homeland’s militant approach to magic and magic users. Em is a promising and keen student who was given the opportunity to study under a scholarship, overseen by Barandir himself. As long as she continues to produce goods for the school, she will be able to continue her studies without having to pay a coin.

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The full story

Em Oddflame – Aspiring Artificer

A young and talented Artificer from the Kingdom of Baldur, Em was forced to flee her homeland when she was barely a woman. Magic is ill looked upon in Baldur, and those who are born with affinity to it are usually forced into Baldur’s own magic schools, torn away from their families and groomed to become court wizards and battlemages, their magic being controlled and only used for the benefit of the crown.

Em and her family thus kept her magical affinity a secret, for they were closely knit and would not wish to see their daughter and sister torn away, unlikely to be seen again. Em thus funnelled her magic into another form: her father was a smith and she began to use magics to aid and enhance his creations. Though this took on a different form as in her schooling she was fascinated with engineering and the wondrous technologies that came to light from it.

Thus she began engineering magical contraptions, studying from forbidden tomes she purchased from travellers. Though her prolific creations drew her the ire of the authorities and before she could finish her studies as an engineer or master the art of magical infusion, she was forced to flee. She sailed to the Kingdom of Belfrie, landing in the city of Velandria where so many of the tomes she read had originated from.

There she met a young man almost two years her junior named Henry, who shared many similarities with her. Henry was also an Artificer who had fled from Baldur, and a former Golden Griffin who had been fighting in the Liturium War but was now on leave. Despite his age, he was an exceptional Artificer and had creations that far exceeded Em’s own capabilities. He told Em that though he would love to have her as an apprentice, he would not be able to dedicate himself to her, thus he directed her to the University of Ardris, writing a recommendation for her as a high ranking member of the Golden Griffins.

She had no coins to her name, and though the recommendation of Henry was glowing, she would still have to pay tuition. Though it was a peculiar day in which Barandir the Lucid, headmaster of the school conducted her interview, an unusual sight. Barandir saw much promise in the young woman from Baldur, and understanding her plight gave her an opportunity of compromise: she would receive a full scholarship to the university, provided she produced magical items for the University on a commission basis. She would even be given a small allowance to do this. Em was ecstatic as such an opportunity, and now in her second semester she diligently works, studying all day and staying up late at night to create the latest devices requested by the staff of Ardris.

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