The Listener


A creature of the deep, the Listener is an agent of the Voice. It blindly lists through the catacombs, sewers and halls of Ardris, moving through echolocation. It is able to consume the body of any humanoid and then assume its form, though the assumed form is imperfect having empty eye sockets and unable to verbally communicate. It searches for the body of the Riverstalker held by the university, so it can halt the study of it and return it to the sea.

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The full story

The Listener

The Listener is a spawn from the depths of the oceans of Minera. A child of the Voice, the Listener acts out the orders of its parent, who communicates with it telepathically. The Listener however, has no voice of its own. It is blind and mute, and simply operates on sound and echolocation. It is capable of consuming a human corpse in mere minutes, absorbing the knowledge of the consumed and their form.

If the Listener changes its form to one of its consumed victims, it is almost indistinguishable save for glassy eyes that don’t move or look around, and the inability to speak. But the Listener is crafty and still can maintain its disguise through picking its victims carefully and minimising contact with others. Most notable of the Listener’s abilities is the Liturium infused within its back, in a thick membrane. The creature can expose or hide this at will, allowing it to disrupt magical effects around it if it chooses to. Though thankfully it cannot use this ability when taking the form of another.

Now it searches through Ardris, looking for its Riverstalker cousin that is being dissected by the faculty of the school. The University is seemingly impossible for it to navigate, and none of its victims seems to know of the creatures locations, and those that might would be too powerful for the creature to try take on itself. So slowly it slinks around the school, hoping to luck out with a single victim that cna provide what it needs.

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