Barandir the Lucid – Headmaster (Bust)


Ardris’ headmaster and one of the most powerful magic users on Tharador. Rumoured to be hundreds of years old, Barandir is well respected by the Kings and Queens of many nations and an authority on magical studies and development. Despite that he is known as an incredibly personable and approachable headmaster who is a confidant to many of his staff and students.

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The full story

Barandir the Lucid – Headmaster (Bust)

Barandir the Lucid was born into a family of sorcerers whose lineage could be traced back to the first magic wielders that fought in the Colossal War in the First Era. Naturally he was sent to study at The University of Ardris when he came of age, where he quickly rose through the ranks, impressing his teachers with his raw magical ability and natural aptitude for spellcasting. It was during this time that he met Janar the Grand, a powerful and revered sorcerer who took Barandir under his wing and became his mentor.

Janar the Grand saw great potential in the young sorcerer and devoted himself to teaching Barandir the ways of magic, instilling in him a love of knowledge and a desire to understand the arcane forces of the world. Barandir excelled under Janar’s guidance, and it seemed that the sky was the limit for him.

Tragedy struck when Janar the Grand was kidnapped and killed by cultists of Seroca, leaving Barandir grief-stricken and filled with a desire for revenge. He devoted himself to tracking down those responsible and bringing them to justice, using his powers to hunt them down one by one. It was no easy task, as followers of Seroca are incredibly skilled with making themselves disappear, leaving no trace of their presence. Thus, this forced Barandir to hone his skills, employing new techniques and learning in the heat of combat rather than the cool seabreeze of the University’s halls. Quickly he found his footing as a powerful combat sorcerer, and earned great recognition amongst his cohort after he had almost entirely dismantled the sect of Seroca that operated in Belfrie.

When the position of headmaster at The University of Ardris became available, there was no question that Barandir was the right man for the job. His reputation as a powerful and skilled sorcerer had preceded him, and he was well-respected by his peers. He took up the mantle of headmaster with pride, determined to lead The University of Ardris to new heights of magical understanding.

Today, Barandir the Lucid is known as one of the most powerful and respected sorcerers in the land, and his students at The University of Ardris know that he will stop at nothing to protect them and the magical knowledge they seek to acquire. Despite his fearsome reputation, those who know him well know that beneath his tough exterior beats a heart of gold, and that he would do anything to ensure the safety and well-being of those he holds dear.

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