Mana Goblins


Mana Goblins live in the catacombs beneath the University of Ardris. There over centuries they have amassed a hoarding of stolen magical artifacts, scrolls and other trinkets that they aren’t entirely sure of. Often the items they steal end in their own demise through self-destruction, but sometimes a particularly crafty goblin might work it out for their own betterment. The best of these are the mana goblins, goblin magic wielders who have mastered the use of potions and magic: acting as a formidable foe to even seasoned adventurers. These are a far cry stronger than the common goblin one might encounter on the road clubbing a peasant to death

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The full story

Mana Goblins

Mana Goblins are a breed of mischievous goblins who have made their home beneath The University of Ardris, a prestigious institution for magical studies. Despite their small size and seemingly harmless nature, Mana Goblins are skilled thieves, sneaking into the university at night to steal any magical artifacts they can get their hands on.

While some of the Mana Goblins are content to simply sell the stolen goods on the goblin black market, some are also are fascinated by the inner workings of the magic items they’ve stolen and will often spend hours studying the objects, sometimes with disastrous results. More than a few Mana Goblins have accidentally blown themselves up or turned themselves into frogs while attempting to understand the arcane powers of the objects they have taken.

Despite their constant thievery and penchant for destruction, the Mana Goblins have managed to remain hidden from the University’s faculty and students, using their small size, quick reflexes and mastery of magic to evade capture. They have become something of a legend among the students, with many whispered tales of encounters with the mysterious Mana Goblins circulating throughout the campus.

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